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Adam Wilber On P&T: Fool Us

Posted by Michael on December 4th, 2017

Penn and Teller Fool Us // Adam Wilber from Adam Wilber on Vimeo.

Adam Wilber recently posted his appearance on Penn & Teller: Fool Us over on his Vimeo page. We figured after talking about the show in the Bulletin this morning, we might as well find a good clip, right?

Desert Bus Returns!

Posted by Michael on November 28th, 2017

A time lapse from this year’s Desert Bus For Hope charity event.

Desert Bus, Penn & Teller’s infamous mind numbingly boring real time mini-game, is now out for virtual reality. The game was originally part of the Sega game Penn and Teller’s Smoke and Mirrors and recreates a run of the mill bus drive from Tucson, AZ to Las Vegas. If you are interested, there is a full play through on YouTube… it is over eight hours long! The game is a bit of a cult classic at this point, though, and there are even charity events dedicated to playing the game as a kind of endurance event! Polygon has everything you need to know about the new VR version.

Penn And Teller On The MDA Telethon (2011)

Posted by Michael on September 5th, 2017

We’re closing out the day with another magical moment from Labor Days past, this one from 2011 featuring Penn and Teller. You can of course catch them every week on The CW on Penn & Teller: Fool Us.

Learn more about the work of the MDA on their website.

Penn And Teller Backstage Bonus From The Tonight Show

Posted by Michael on July 31st, 2017

A little more Penn and Teller from last week’s Tonight Show appearance.

Makes me kind of think… these two are kind of overdue for a new special. Do you hear what I am saying? The CW I am looking at you… but I would settle for Netflix or Hulu or something.

What You Missed On Fool Us This Week

Posted by Michael on July 28th, 2017

Did you miss Penn & Teller: Fool Us this week? This is a teaser The CW released yesterday… Obviously, this was awesome. If you missed it you can catch it streaming free on The CW website.

Fool Us Is Officially Back!

Posted by Michael on July 14th, 2017

Penn & Teller: Fool Us
returned to the airwaves last night with its season four premiere; our lead off video is a little of what you missed if you didn’t see it! Don’t worry, you can still catch it streaming free on The CW’s website. Uproxx also talked to Penn about the show, magic and female magicians.

Penn And Teller On Superhuman

Posted by Michael on July 7th, 2017

You still have to wait until next week for Penn & Teller: Fool Us to return with new episodes, but the boys have been all over TV lately. In addition to today’s appearance on Harry, check those local listings, they were on the Fox show Superhuman earlier this week.