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Paul Daniels And Debbie McGee

Posted by Michael on April 3rd, 2019

We are not sure when this is from, but it is the legendary Paul Daniels, assisted by the lovely Debbie McGee, performing some classic stage magic originally designed by Robert Harbin.

Did BGT’s Richard Jones Steal From Paul Daniels?

Posted by Michael on April 21st, 2016

There is a magician firestorm brewing over BGT contestant Richard Jones. Debbie McGee has stated that she feels he is copying performances from Paul Daniels. Jones has said he was unaware of the similar acts. Paul’s nephew James Phelan, who acknowledges Paul as a source of inspiration, is set to appear on the show this year as well. The above video is one of two comparison videos that appeared in the Daily Mail. Much more coverage in The Sun, who broke the story, Metro and The Mirror has a response from BGT producers, which actually cites Anneman as the originator of the contested effects!

TV producers publicly stating which magic books contain the effects in their magic shows… Do I smell a whole way to be outraged over exposure? Haven’t had a round of exposure complaints in a bit and I think the magic community is a bit overdue!

Paul Daniels: The Video Game

Posted by Michael on March 18th, 2016

Video Friday kicks off with Paul Daniels’ Magic Adventure. English iTricksters might be feeling a bit nostalgic now and iTricksters from the rest of the world (including iTricks Tower Midwest) are probably saying “Whhaat?” As the world says goodbye to Paul, it is things like this that remind us outside of the UK just how incredibly popular he was to the British public. After all, the list of magicians with there own video games is pretty short!

We found this video on The Mirror’s website… visit to read the accompanying article about this 8 bit piece of awesome.

Broken Wand: Paul Daniels

Posted by Editor on March 17th, 2016

It is with a heavy heart that we let you know a legend in our industry Paul Daniels has passed away. There will and should be thousands of words written to eulogize a man whose shadow in the UK scene will never truly disappear however we can add this. You can count on your fingers and toes the number of magicians who could be stars without magic and Paul Daniels was a star.

Vintage Paul Daniels From Thames TV

Posted by Michael on February 23rd, 2016

This clip from the David Nixon Show originally aired in February of 1975. It was recently posted on the YouTube page of Thames TV, part of the Fremantle Media family.

You have to love the whole ’70s vibe of this clip…

Paul Daniels Diagnosed With Brain Tumor

Posted by Michael on February 22nd, 2016

Video of Paul Daniels performing ca. 2010, from his YouTube page.

Sad news this weekend as Paul Daniels revealed that he has an inoperable, cancerous brain tumor. The coverage in the UK has been extensive with articles in The Daily Mail announcing the news and his relationship with wife Debbie, The Mirror telling how son Martin rushed home from his South American tour to be with his father and how Debbie is reaching out to others battling cancer, as well as a great round up of Paul’s career, and stories of other magicians showing their support for Daniels in the Gazette Live and Chronicle Live. There have been more articles, tweets and video than we can realistically share here on iTricks reflecting on Daniels’ long career and wishing him the best.

More Mat Franco, More Magic On US TV And More [Magic Bulletin]

Posted by Michael on November 3rd, 2014

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Mat Franco on yesterday’s Today Show starts off this Monday edition of the Magic Bulletin.

Remember back a couple of months ago when we reported Murray SawChuck and Jan Rouen were involved in a new Reelz Channel show called Sons Of Houdini that was supposed to air last month? It has apparently been renamed Extreme Escapes and will premiere on Saturday, November 29 at 8PM Eastern. Finally, magic is returning to Thanksgiving weekend! Also appearing in the series would be Spencer Horsman, Farrell Dillon, Jonathan Pendragon, Brandy LaPlante, Michael Turco and Franz Harary.

PETA is reportedly urging Paul Daniels to drop live rabbits from his act spurred on by news reports of his recent bunny bite. The Northern Echo reports, though, that Daniels’ management says he does not use rabbits in his act and the lagomorph assailant was a pet.

More news from the recently-opened Magic City in Thiruvanthapuram, India. First, The Hindu reported on the grand opening and quotes Gopinath Muthukad, the magician behind the complex, as saying that all money raised by the venue will go to street magicians in need. The Times Of India also reported on an appearance by superstar actor Mohanlal, who levitated an assistant. They also report Juliana Chen was at the opening.