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Klosterman Auction Live Stream Today! [10.30.21]

Posted by Michael on October 30th, 2021

iTricks is bringing you a special Saturday news bullletin to give all you iTricksters a chance to chance the livestream of the Ken Klosterman Salon de Magie Auction (Part One) from Potter and Potter Auctions today at 11 AM Eastern Time (3 PM GMT for the international iTricksters). Following the auction there will be a broken wand ceremony for Mr. Klosterman. You will be able to view the livestream on the Potter and Potter site

The video above has nothing to do with the auction, but in the spirit of it being almost Halloween, we are sharing Jon Mobley’s Halloween magic appearance on Indy Now yesterday.

Jonathan Goodwin Update From ET

Posted by Michael on October 25th, 2021

Entertainment Tonight shared an update on Jonathan Goodwin’s condition last Friday. It is heartening to see Johnathan appears to be in good spirits.

Masters Of Illusion Returns Sunday

Posted by Michael on October 21st, 2021

The CW’s Killer Camp (that’s the promo above) has been pulled off the air after two episodes so Masters of Illusion will be returning to fill its one hour Sunday time slot. I have seen coverage stating these will be new episodes and other stories aging they will be repeats. I am guessing The CW will follow the pattern of previous years and show a new episode followed by a repeat the fill the hour.

Jen Kramer, Ricky Jay and the CIA [Magic Bulletin]

Posted by Michael on October 20th, 2021

TMZ reported last night Johnathan Goodwin has suffered multiple broken bones in both legs as well as cuts and burns to his face.

The video above, from Jonathan’s YouTube page, shows the escape artist is happier (and sillier) times.

Jonathan Goodwin Hospitalized After Stunt Goes Wrong

Posted by Michael on October 18th, 2021

Jonathan “The Daredevil” Goodwin was injured in an accident on the set of the new NBC series America’s Got Talent Extreme. The video above, from Access, does not show the accident nor will iTricks share any videos supposedly showing the incident. According to Deadline production on the series has been paused indefinitely. There has not been, at time of writing, official word of Goodwin’s condition beyond the fact he is hospitalized.

I think we will be pausing iTricks for the rest of the day… It just somehow does not seem right to enjoy any magic performances right now.

Louisville’s Caufield’s Novelty No Longer For Sale

Posted by Michael on October 14th, 2021

Good news for Caufield’s Novelty in Lousville; the business is no longer for sale. The shop, which has been up for sale for a couple of years, has seen so much support from the community they no longer feel the need to down-size. This WDRB report concentrates on Halloween, as you may imagine this time of year, but the brick and mortar has been a magic retailer as well.