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Magic’s Theater, A Magic Priest And Much More [Magic Bulletin]

Posted by Michael on October 16th, 2017

More on our lead off video below!

The Mirror had a feature on independent priest Mark Townsend, who mixes magic performances with his ceremonies, this weekend. It isn’t exactly your normal “gospel magic.”

The Burton Mail has a nice piece on Stapenhill magician Jack Dent’s recent Stage Magician of the Year 2017 win.

Nash Fung performed at the Fresno State Homecoming celebration and their paper, The Collegian, has a review of his show. You’ll note that it is also a review of his style!

The latest episode of Showbiz Nation Live, a series from the Showbiz Chicago website, features magician Stephen Hanthorn. The episode is about 45 minutes long, but you can stream it free on Showbiz Chicago.

Finally, The Austin Chronicle featured John’s Magic Theater and Museum in its Day Trips travel blog over the weekend. Sounds like a great destination for Texas iTricksters.

Mark James, Exposure, Houdini For Kids And More [Magic Bulletin]

Posted by Michael on October 12th, 2017

Today’s lead off video is from Mark James, who posted this clip of his Magic Castle performance over on Vimeo. According to the title, this is how he opened his performance.

Looking for a snarky, kind of obnoxious article exposing magic secrets? is here to help.

Looking for a kids’ read about Houdini and his war against spiritualism? Check out this interview with Deborah Noyes on The Horn Book. Her new book is The Magician and the Spirits: Harry Houdini and the Curious Pastime of Communicating with the Dead (for ages 11-14) and appears to be out now.

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The Caravan is featuring a profile of illusionist and magic teacher Samala Venu on its site.

The Chicago Tribune has a story on Jim Munroe’s recent appearance at Judson university to talk about his recovery from leukemia, which he considers a miracle.

Finally, need a Debbie McGee/Strictly Come Dancing fix? The Express reports on her night in the West End.

More On Frankel’s Costumes

Posted by Michael on October 11th, 2017

KHOU coverage of the final Halloween for Frankel’s Costumes in Houston, which started out as Morty’s Magic Mart and still sells some magic. Always sad to see the brick and mortars go, but at least this one didn’t fail… it had a long and successful run.

Frankel’s Costumes, Latimer, STEM And Illusions [Magic Bulletin]

Posted by Michael on October 11th, 2017

Today’s lead off video is the 2017 illusion of the year (optical illusion, that is) as determined by readers of Scientific American (or at least their blog).

It’s cool, but I still prefer a well done Zig Zag Girl.

Sad news out of Houston where Frankel’s Costume Shop (which started as Morty’s Magic Mart) will be closing after 67 years this December so owners Terrie and Lonnie Frankel can retire. Read more about the shop on the Houston Chronicle website.

Did any Texas iTricksters get their start at Morty’s? Let us know!

Finally, Jason Latimer is performing at the Ventura County STEM Network’s STEM-tastic Awards on October 17 in Oxnard, California. Get the details on the California State University Channel Islands website.

Z*Stonish Headline Prediction, McGee Mistake And Siegfried Tieber [Magic Bulletin]

Posted by Michael on October 10th, 2017

Z*Stonish is predicting next Friday’s headlines… or rather, he already has, as you can hear in this video from the Argus Leader.

Need the latest Strictly Come Dancing news? It seems that Debbie McGee accidentally revealed the contestant who would be leaving the show Sunday night during her Sunday morning radio show. Read all about it on the

More love for Siegfried Tieber from the LA Times.

TV Magic: Deception, Dancing, Bachelorette And Derren Brown [Magic Bulletin]

Posted by Michael on October 9th, 2017

The official trailer for ABC’s upcoming magician works with FBI drama Deception, from Chris Fedak and David Kwong, was released a bit ago but we are leading off with it because it has been getting some attention at New York Comic-Con. Read more on TV Insider and over on SyFy Wire.

The New Zealand Herald shares the story of newlyweds trapped in the David Copperfield show at the MGM Grand during the recent shooting.

Need some reality show news? Read stories about Bachelorette contender Apollo Jackson over on the Australian gossip site Mamamia and Strictly Come Dancing’s Debbie McGee over on The Sun site or at The Daily Mail.

Finally, Derren Brown recently did an interview with the Radio Times and shared “his favorite fan letter” which, we think, is said tongue-in-cheek.

Vegas Tries To Bounce Back, Amazing Johnathan, Penn And More [Magic Bulletin}

Posted by Michael on October 6th, 2017

From USA Today comes our lead off video of Penn Jillette donating blood in Las Vegas. The New York Daily News also has coverage.

The Post-Star from Glen Falls, NY has the AP story on life in Vegas returning to Vegas as normal.

Las Vegas Weekly has our favorite feel good story coming out of Las Vegas (and, yes, despite the horror that occurred there good things still are happening in the city): the return of the Amazing Johnathan!

Serious question… is it The Amazing Johnathan or the Amazing Johnathan? I have several writing style guides and there doesn’t seem to be an official ruling!

Finally, as Debbie McGee is taking Strictly Come Dancing by storm, according to The Express so they have put together this profile.