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Magic Mo And Your Daily Online Magic Show Round Up [Magic Bulletin]

Posted by Michael on April 1st, 2020

South African website IOL spoke with Mo Magic about his ten years as a magician since quitting a job as an engineer and the current Cover-19 situation in South Africa. You can see more of Mo Magic’s lockdown magic on his YouTube page.

There is no new April Fool’s Day Penn & Teller: Fool Us special this year but The CW is airing the 2018 and 2019 specials tonight, so check the local TV listings. If you are lucky they will both air before the Blaine special on ABC in your market!

You will also want to check out A Live Magic Show presented by the Greg Frewin Theatre. It is a benefit for the Niagara SPCA Humane Society featuring Greg, Ryan Joyce, Jon Dorenbos, David DaVinci, Kevin James and others. It is scheduled for 7 PM Eastern time (4 PM Pacific) and streams over on YouTube.

To pass the rest of the day:

Andrew Mayne is a magician, entrepreneur, magic creator, author, TV star, inventor (and in the interest of full disclosure, owner of this website but he doesn’t know I am publishing this)… I think if he can just release a hit pop song he will be the undisputed king of all media, at least in the magic world. His new novel is not quite out yet, but it can be pre-ordered and if you are an Amazon Prime member you can get a free Kindle copy this month. Go to Amazon (logged into your Prime account) and search for The Girl Beneath The Sea by Andrew Mayne.

The Guildford Fringe Theatre Company presents Nathan Jones in a 35+ minute magic performance, shot pretty much as his desk.

An hour long kids’ magic show from Craig Petty of Non Stop Kids’ Entertainment.

Finally, Karan Singh was the featured guest on the first Instagram streamed “lockdown” episode of The MJ Show. It is a little over 20 minutes and can be found over on The MJ Show’s YouTube page.

TV Magic, Online Magic And Free Books [Magic Bulletin]

Posted by Michael on March 31st, 2020

Lance Rich’s first place performance at the 2020 IBM Ring 129 Stage Competition kicks off the day. Ring 129, of course, has been particularly hard hit by the Coronavirus.

So, lot’s a good news today. That new David Blaine special is on ABC tomorrow night!

Also tomorrow, Mat Franco is doing another free magic show on Facebook Live tomorrow; you can read all about it on Vegas News.

TriCity News talked to Alex Zander about his position in the IBM and some of the magic they are promoting online.

Conjuring Arts is launching the Quarantine Book Club, a rotation selection of free downloadable ebooks, which you can Karl Bastian’s show, a little over 45 minute, is a kid safe show from the 2010 VAULT Children’s Ministry Conference.

Harrison Greenbaum and the IBM launched a series last week called Who Books That? and it kicked off with Mac King! Check it out on YouTube, it is almost 2 hours of fun!

This actually isn’t magic, but Coach Billingslea’s online lesson yesterday for the Parkland PE students was a class on juggling… something I still can’t do! But Coach B seems like a pretty cool gym teacher!

As long as we are learning the sister arts, now might be the time to check out Jeff Dunham’s online ventriloquism lessons. Lots of performance video over there, too.

Conventions, TV, Jackets And More [Magic Bulletin]

Posted by Michael on March 30th, 2020

Dean Apple and Pinky’s magic show from last Friday kicks off our week. You can see more over on Dean’s YouTube page.

I logged on to the special magic hangout organized by SansMinds Magic over the weekend. For about 90 minutes some of the familiar faces from SansMinds split a YouTube screen teaching magic and answering questions. Then at the end they gave everyone in attendance a downloadable “goodie bag” that included two books and a couple videos so folks would have some new magic to practice. For me, though, the best thing about it was near the beginning when one of the guys from SansMinds, I am sorry to say I can not remember who, admitted that the whole thing was hastily thrown together but really they just wanted to know their fans and customers were doing alright. Sorry if you missed out on this but Vanishing Inc is putting together something in April.

May’s Masters of Magic World Convention will be postponed; additional news will be posted at the convention’s site.

If you are organizing an online magic show, convention, hangout or jam session we want to know! Email me at brownbagmagic AT swell DOT net!

Need something to read? The new issue of Vanish Magazine is out and available to download for free. Check it out over on their website.

The Oklahoman has a piece on Joe Coover, a magician who is using his downtime and his 3D printer to make free masks for healthcare workers. Learn more about Joe or donate a little money to keep him in 3D printer filaments by visiting his Facebook.

Don’t forget the David Blaine’s new special David Blaine: The Magic Way airs this Wednesday on ABC. Guests will include Emily Blunt, Tom Brady, Dave Chappelle, Bryan Cranston, Michael Jordan.

If you are in the UK Now TV will start airing Dynamo Beyond Belief on April 9.

Finally, we have featured video clips of Romanian magician Cristina Strecopîtov several times in the past but this weekend she was featured on the Tennis World USA site because of a jacket she painted featuring Roger Federer.

LISTEN UP EVERYONE: We are going to have a good day, and then we are going to have a good week!

Free Magic Lessons, Shows And Covid-19 Strikes Magic Club [Magic Bulletin]

Posted by Michael on March 27th, 2020

The latest video from America’s Got Talent is an entry from their AGT University series featuring Shin Lim teaching a little magic.

Ellusionist is now offering free tutorials on their MagicStream service and, at least for the first one, on their YouTube page. You got time, learn some new skills!

Rick Saphire’s Magic Shop has been posting free magic lessons for about a week… you can check them all out on the store’s YouTube page. So far there are eight lessons and, if you need magic supplies in the Cherry Hill, New Jersey area check out Rick’s place.

Magician Chris Herrick has shared a 30 minute magic lesson specifically for kids on his YouTube.

If you are in the mood to watch magic, Carisa Hendrix has posted Indulgence, an hour long, partially improvised show featuring her good friend Lucy Darling. You can stream it free on Carisa’s YouTube page and, of course, be sure to check out Carisa’s website to keep up with everything going on with her and Lucy Darling.

Sad news on the Covid-19 front. We recently reported the first Covid-19 related death in Johnson County, Kansas was retired school superintendent and magic Dennis Wilson. The Kansas City Star is new reporting two magicians from Ring 129, the Kansas City IBM local have tested positive as well. We hope they are on the path to recovery.

Stay in, stay safe, stay smart and wash your hands! We will get through all of this.

David Blaine Returns To ABC

Posted by Michael on March 25th, 2020

David Blaine is shown above performing for the cast of New York City Harry Potter and the Cursed Child a week or so ago. He’ll be performing for us all next week when his new special The Magic Way premieres on ABC on April 1. Read more about the special, including a list of guest stars, on Broadway World.

New Castle Documentary And Free Magic Show [Magic Bulletin]

Posted by Michael on March 24th, 2020

Our video is a look at the Magic Castle from Zagat’s Eating Outside The Box webseries. We are bringing you this to kick off the day because MovieMaker reports filmmaker Alexis Spraic has begun work on M For Magic a documentary on the Castle and the people who built it.

We are posting more video today but here is something too long for us to embed from Boris Wild. It is an entire half hour show from the Close Up Room in Paris shot just last month free to watch over on YouTube. Another way to fill a little time with magic is the latest edition of Unplugged from Murphy’s Magic. It is about an hour and more a show about magic than a magic show (ie not for the casual fan of magic). You can catch it streaming over on Murphy’s YouTube page.

Free Online Magic Show And More [Magic Bulletin]

Posted by Michael on March 23rd, 2020

KVVU’s coverage of Mat Franco’s upcoming free live streamed magic show leads off our week. Might as well head over to Mat’s Facebook page now.

Unfortunately, we also have some sad news to report.

Retired school superintendent Dennis Wilson, who was a performing professional magician originally scheduled to perform at a Kansas City pop culture convention this weekend, was the first coronavirus related death in Johnson County, Kansas. You can rad more on the Kansas City Star website.

In California, the Magic Castle has laid off almost 200 employees during their coronavirus forced closure according to Variety.

MAGICIANS: if you are posting magic videos, please let us know. I would very much like to ratchet up the amount of videos we are posting every day during all of this and even if they are too long for our normal posts we will pass along links! Performances, advice, lessons, collector’s pieces… if it is magic video we want it! Email me at brownbagmagic AT swell DOT net.

Hey, look, I am uncomfortable with this last bit of news but if it was anyone else connected to the magic community I would pass it along. I try not to talk about it much on iTricks but I have published a couple of science fiction and fantasy books. The second book in my Black Sky Rangers sci fi series comes out on the 25th so until then its prequel, The Heist, is available as a free Kindle download. Be warned: the Black Sky Rangers are about first responders in space and my fantasy books are basically kung fu movies in print; they have nothing to do with magic. But if you are running out of things to do check it out.