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Nathan Burton Leaves Flamingo, Will Open Tuesday at Saxe Theater in Planet Hollywood

Posted by Editor on October 6th, 2012

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Nathan Burton will take his highly successful afternoon comedy magic show to the Saxe Theater in Planet Hollywood starting this Tuesday. It ends his four and a half year run with the Flamingo casino.

Nathan tells iTricks that he still has a great working relationship with Ceasar’s Entertainment (which owns The Flamingo) and that he will continue to produce Jeff Civillico’s show at Imperial Palace.

So why the sudden change? A television opportunity, at least in part.

This move comes in conjunction with signing a a major television project with Fremantle because of the freedom of being able to shoot at the Saxe Theater.

It’s also a bit of a homecoming. Burton initially left the Miracle Mile shops for the Flamingo opportunity. However, the now returns to a much bigger facility with a magic history. The Saxe Theater was the former home of Steve Wyrick and has since seen a revolving door of tenants.

This leaves a few questions remaining that we hope to get answers for, including: does the change in venue mean that Burton might attempt to shift to night shows? What is the television opportunity and when might it hit screens?

No matter what, Burton and his family are the hardest working magic show in Las Vegas. We wish them the best on the grand opening.

Video Proof of Why Nathan Burton Owes Criss Angel $10,000

Posted by Editor on September 20th, 2012

We brought you the details earlier this week, now here is the video proof. Strip headliners Criss Angel and Nathan Burton in a sleep challenge where both tried to stay up as long as possible after taking a sleeping aide. On the line? A cool $10,000.

Nathan Burton Coughs Up $10k after Losing Sleep Bet to Criss Angel

Posted by Editor on September 18th, 2012

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A charity will be $10,000 richer after Criss Angel outlasted Nathan Burton in an endurance competition where both competitors were given a sleep aide and challenged to stay awake as long as possible.

Burton describes the bet, which happened under the supervision of doctor during Criss Angel’s , to Robin Leach of the Las Vegas Sun

“We then did various tasks to make staying awake difficult, such as laying down in completely pitch-black rooms and closing our eyes for long periods of time. Three hours into the challenge, while Criss and I were laying completely motionless, I dozed off for just a few seconds. Dr. Duke declared Criss the winner, and I will cough up the $10,000.

No word on if Burton has already paid up for his droopy eyelids.

Nathan Burton Alleges Defrauding Attempt in Countersuit Against Vegas Producer

Posted by Editor on September 17th, 2012

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Nathan Burton has filed a countersuit against Bill Voelkner alleging that Voelkener attempted to defraud him.

In a legal dispute that puts two comedy magicians at odds, Flamingo headliner Nathan Burton alleges in a countersuit that Harrah’s headliner Mac King and his producer, Bill Voelkner, attempted to defraud him.

Burton’s lawsuit, filed Monday in District Court, was in response to one filed in May 2011 by Voelkner, who claimed Burton owed $173,000 in a ticket sales revenue-sharing agreement.

Voelkner had claimed he negotiated Burton’s contract with the Flamingo. Voelkner’s lawsuit claimed breach of contract .

Burton has been headlining at the Flamingo for 4½ years, or about 1,700 shows.

The original lawsuit first came to light in May of 2011.

Nathan Burton Slays in Return Cameo on America’s Got Talent

Posted by Editor on September 7th, 2012

We knew something was up yesterday when we got word from the Nathan Burton camp that the results to the Snapple cameo contest would be revealed on yesterday’s show. Although we couldn’t get another word out of them, it was fitting that Nathan performed to a rousing ovation on the night that the final magic contestant took their last bow.

The poster boy for AGT magic success, Burton took his run on the inaugural season and never looked back. From a run at the V Theater to a headlining role in the afternoons at the Flamingo, Burton has demonstrated what exposure plus hard work can do for a dedicated, talented illusionist.

We got this behind the scenes photo of Nathan with judge Howie Mandel, who was clearly the most floored by the quick succession of illusions.

Congrats again to Nathan, may be ever be part of the reason magicians look to audition for America’s Got Talent.

nathan burton americas got talent.jpg

Nathan Burton Entertains Michael Douglas, Catherine Zeta-Jones & Kids Dylan, Carys

Posted by Editor on August 27th, 2012
nathan burton catherine zeta jones michael douglas liberace.png

While in town filming a Liberace biopic, Michael Douglas decided to take in some modern day showmanship. Douglas rounded up his wife (Academy Award winning actress Catherine Zeta-Jones) and their kids Dylan and Carys to see Nathan Burton at the Flamingo.

Douglas will play the legendary piano man in the real life story of his relationship with lover Scott Thorson, which ended in a multi-million dollar palimony suit. Matt Damon will play Thorson in the film directed by Magic Mike’s Steven Soderbergh.

Below we are embedding a video of Liberace for those too young to appreciate what a Show Business Machine he was. Also, we are linking to trailer for 1999’s Entrapment for no particular reason.

Nathan Burton Featured on Storage Hunters

Posted by Editor on August 6th, 2012
nathan burton storage wars.png

Last night on TruTV’s Storage Hunters, the man you see above purchased a storage unit filled with random magic artifacts. One magician tried to swoop in an purchase everything on the cheap. None other than Flamingo headliner Nathan Burton.

We are sure it’s rerunning through the next week on TruTV so be on the lookout for it. We will post any clips that come our way.