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Fantasy Magic Stars Face To Face With “Real” Magic

Posted by Michael on February 28th, 2020

Collider’s latest Hocus Focus video sees Ryan Hansen and Jimmy O. Yang from the Blumhouse dark reimagining of Fantasy Island (although the series revival back in the 1990′s with Malcolm McDowell was darker and more supernaturally focused as we recall…) front and center for the magic of Anna Deguzman.

John Zabrucky’s Amazing Props [It Ain't Magic, But...]

Posted by Michael on January 6th, 2020

John Zabrucky, the founder and owner of Modern Props, is retiring after four decades of creating props seen in everything from Blade Runner to Ghostbusters to Big Bang Theory. You can read more about his career and retirement in this LA Times article (via MSN).

The video above is a fan creation highlighting the many, many appearances of a Modern Props piece dubbed “The Most Important Device In The Universe” on the Major Grin YouTube channel.

The Scared Riana Haunts The Box Office

Posted by Michael on December 3rd, 2019

It is official: The Sacred Riana is a movie star. According to Yahoo! not only will her film Sacred Riana: Beginning be in US theaters this month,** thanks to its successful Asian run earlier this year it will also have a sequel!

** We checked the big movie ticket sites and did not see anything listed so check your local independent or art house. It looks like this December opening might actually be in Malaysia and Singapore.

Not In Time For Halloween: The Sacred Riana Beginning

Posted by Michael on October 29th, 2019

The latest trailer for The Sacred Riana Beginning from TGV Pictures brings a release date of December 12… unfortunately we have not sure if this film, explaining Riana’s backstory, or her new horror anthology series will be released in the United States.

Hulu’s Amazing Johnathan Documentary Trailer

Posted by Michael on June 13th, 2019

Hulu has released this final trailer for the Amazing Johnathan Documentary, which will appear on the streaming service and in some theaters on August 16. You can read more about the film over on IndieWire.

The Grim Game Will Screen Tonight

Posted by Michael on May 3rd, 2019

Long feared lost but restored by TCM in 2015, Houdini’s The Grim Game (1919) will be screening tonight at the Sierra Madre Playhouse in (where else) Sierra Madre, California. If you are in the area, this is an extremely rare opportunity to see Harry Houdini’s silent adventure film the way it was meant to be seen: on the silver screen.

Matt Stirling ON BGT (And His Hollywood Background)

Posted by Michael on April 29th, 2019

Matt Stirling is one of the latest magicians to audition in the current season of Britain’s Got Talent. He is listed on screen as a stuntman and The Sun has pictures of him in roles from Star Wars, Harry Potter and Fast and Furious films.