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Magician Bikram Turns Election Into Magic Publicity

Posted by Michael on May 22nd, 2019

India has just held the elections for the Lok Sabha, the lower house of their parliament. Magician Bikram has, as seen above, sealed a box with his election result predictions, which will be opened this Friday.

Poskah Dua’s Mind Reading TedxTalk

Posted by Michael on April 26th, 2019

Poskah Dua spoke at TEDxSGGSCC about the art and science of mind reading. Something for lunch on this Video Friday.

Mind Reading In Camberley

Posted by Michael on April 22nd, 2019

Camberley Net showcases residents and businesses around the Camberley area in Surrey, United Kingdom. One of there latest videos features local mind reading magician Lyndon Webb visiting local businesses.

Talking With The The Clairvoyants

Posted by Michael on April 4th, 2019

Thommy Ten and Amélie van Tass, aka The Clairvoyants, come to the United States from Austria.If that is not international enough, this interview is with Sri Lankan illusionist Yasas Gunaratne!

Mentalism On Dr. Phil (Seriously!)

Posted by Michael on March 19th, 2019

We don’t normally check the listings for Dr. Phil… so we missed the fact mentalist Lior Suchard was featured on yesterday’s episode. In addition to this clip you can see much more on the official Dr. Phil YouTube page.

Physician, Psychiatrist, Attorney… And Magician

Posted by Michael on March 5th, 2019

Dr. David Goldman performs some mentalism for students… we are not sure where but the good doctor is a physician, psychiatrist, attorney and educator as well as a magician!

The Clairvoyants Return To The AGT Stage On Champions

Posted by Michael on February 18th, 2019

In a leak from this week’s America’s Got Talent: The Champions past contestants The Clairvoyants make an appearance. The duo is currently North America; you can see the dates on their website.