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Michael Night, Dirk Arthur, Scott Penrose And More [Magic Bulletin]

Posted by Michael on October 8th, 2014 Toledo (OH) News, Weather and Sports

We lead off today with the story of Michael Night, who will be sidelined from performing soon for a year while recovering from surgery. The story, from WTVG in Toledo, ran last Friday before his farewell for now show. iTricks wishes Michael the best with his surgery and hopes for a faster than expected recovery.

Vegas News is reporting that Dirk Arthur is bringing his big cats back to the Las Vegas Strip. Starting December 1 he will be playing the Starlite Theater at the Riviera Hotel and Casino. His family friendly show will be dark Fridays.

Have you seen the headlines proclaiming that extraordinary experiences may hurt relationships? According to Science Daily, this conclusion is drawn from an experiment where two groups were shown either “4 star” and “2 star” rated videos and then combined for a short discussion. Why does this make the iTricks Magic Bulletin? The videos were of street magicians!

Scientific American has a neat piece on an unsolved puzzle posed by the great Martin Gardner almost 20 years ago. Want to try your hand at it? Read about it here, maybe you will be the one to crack it!

Finally, congratulations to Scott Penrose, the new president of the Magic Circle!

DMC’s New Show, Maneka Sorcar And More [Magic Bulletin]

Posted by Michael on September 25th, 2014

Real Screen is reporting that National Geographic Channels International will be airing a new series with Drummond Money-Coutts called Beyond Magic in 170 countries starting in November. It’ll follow DMC as he goes to various places around the world, performs and explores the history o magic. We do not know if it will be airing in the US, but we will keep you posted. He did a previous special with NatGeo called Card Shark and you can see it on DMC’s YouTube page. sat down to chat with Maneka Sorcar, the daughter of PC Sorcar Jr. She grew up with pet tigers and now is in the family business… is reporting that Murray SawChuck will not be extending his show at the Tropicana after his contract ends on October 30. He is in talks with other venues and Jan Rouven is moving into the Trop. According to the site, Murray is wishing all the best to Jan.

WizWars Finale, Cagigal Show, PC Sorcar On Tiger Attacks And More [Magic Bulletin]

Posted by Michael on September 24th, 2014

We start off today with the trailer for Christian Cagigal’s OBSCURA because Broadway World is reporting that he is bringing the show to the Aurora Theatre in Berkeley October 15 through November 2.

Wizard Wars ended its first season last night. The OC Register ran a story on Naathan Phan, their local contribution to the show, and Zap2It summarized the finale (be warned, though, for they drop SPOILERS).

Speaking of season finales, the US run of Fool Us ends with back to back episodes on CW… Check your local listings.

TV’s Mat Franco made a surprise Vegas appearance, according to The Las Vegas Sun’s Robin Leach, at a Terry Fator show. He will be headlining his America’s Got Talent Live Show at Planet Hollywood soon.

PC Sorcar Jr has come to the defense of big cats in the aftermath of a white tiger mauling at the Delhi Zoo. According to, Sorcar says that public behavior is the real blame, not animals following their natural instincts. The young man involved in the incident, who was killed by the cat, had jumped into the tiger’s enclosure.

Forbes recently ran on article on how to decide if your business should hire a magician, juggler or speaker for events. Between you and me, it seemed a bit harsh and completely ignored the fact that an entertainer could actually deliver a meaningful message to professionals.

Finally, Andrew Mayne’s new book Angel Killer is out as a paperback (you can get it at Amazon) and he is starting a book tour tonight in LA at Diesel. Friday he will be at Mysterious Galaxy in San Diego and at Mysterious Bookshop in NYC October 1. Full disclosure: Andrew owns the site, but he did not even bother to tell me about this mini-book tour. I only found out from being on his mailing list.

Naked Magicians, Blaine, Franco And More [Magic Bulletin]

Posted by Michael on September 17th, 2014

First up is Mat Franco’s second performance from last night’s episode of America’s Got Talent. Tonight’s results show will see each of the finalist performance with a celebrity and all have been announced except for who will be joining Mat Franco. Birthday boy David Copperfield (maybe)? David Blaine (we think he is still in Asia)? Penn and Teller (probably not; they would be running against their own show in many markets)? Kathie Lee and Hoda (again)? Tune in tonight to find out.

Speaking of TV, we still have Fool Us and Masters of Illusions to look forward to in the US this week. Did you see Wizard Wars last night? Great line up, another solid show.

Speaking of David Blaine, he is still in the Philippines and there was another write up of his show on the site Apparently he was joined in his underwater breath holding demonstration by a skeptical young lady from the audience… He clocked over ten minutes and she lasted “a few seconds!”

Robin Leach’s Strip Scribbles column in the Las Vegas Sun has a bit on the Naked Magicians, who will be making a limited run at the Tommy Wind Theatre in Vegas late October.

Finally, The Hollywood Reporter has a review of Magician: The Astonishing Life and Work of Orson Welles, which just played Telluride. You may want to catch it when it comes to your town (or favorite video on demand outlet).

Vegas News And Misty Lee [Magic Bulletin]

Posted by Michael on September 16th, 2014

It may only be September (or, as they say in German “September“) but the Hofbrauhaus in Las Vegas is already starting Oktoberfest! The video above (from KNTV) shows them kicking it off last Friday with special guest keg tappers Siegfried and Roy. It is always good to see the the Masters Of The Impossible!

Speaking of Vegas, Robin Leach in The Las Vegas Sun recently mentioned that Murray SawChuck made a surprise appearance at Deanna Martin’s show to welcome her back to Sin City.

Magic Castle medium (and voice actress) Misty Lee is scheduled for Thursday’s episode of Today’s Inspiring Women with Deanne DeMarco. The show airs at Noon Pacific and you should be able to listen live (or for a while as an archive) the the show’s official VoiceAmerica website.

Finally, Mat Franco on NBC’s America’s Got Talent (with the final tomorrow) and new episode of SyFy’s Wizard Wars tonight, Penn and Teller’s Fool Us tomorrow and new Masters of Illusions (both on The CW) Friday. Looking ahead, next week brings a double shot of Fool Us!

Tommy Wind Hits A Milestone

Posted by Michael on September 12th, 2014

Tommy Wind had his 400th show at the Tommy Wind Theater earlier this week. iTricks would like to congratulate him on achieving the milestone and look forward to the day he celebrates 500 shows!

Here is a video of Tommy from the Morning Blend talking about his magic shows. You can learn more about Tommy’s theater at its website and about Tommy at his magic show website.

Wizard Wars, Blaine In Asia And Much More [Magic Bulletin]

Posted by Michael on September 10th, 2014

The Lantern ran a very cool story about the P3 Magic Theater in Columbus, Ohio. That is where, every Tuesday night, shows are held to work out material and shoot footage for Penguin Magic releases. Check it out here. is reporting that Murray SawChuck will be adding another magician to his show this fall. Rob Anderson, his Wizard Wars team mate, will join the show at the Laugh Factory in the Tropicana.

Speaking of Wizard Wars, it was the subject of a Fast Company article yesterday. They spoke with Penn Jillette as well as contestants Adam Trent and Dan Sperry about magic and why it remains relevant in the 21st century. Over at, Mark Calabrese (who competed on the show last night with John Stessel against Billy Kidd and Leon Ettiene) was the subject of a nice profile.

David Blaine is touring Asia right now and Malaysian news site The Edge reviewed his show. He was joined by Yann Frisch and Todd Robbins.

Congratulations to Tony Chris who, as discussed in a recent Tri Cities Now article, won a silver for mentalism and the gold for stage magic at the recent Pacific Coast Association of Magicians competition.

Finally, Mike Super’s performance from last night’s America’s Got Talent is running above… tonight’s results show will reveal the fate of Super, David and Leeman and Mat Franco but it is scheduled to run at the same time as President Obama’s address to the nation in the Eastern and Central time zones. At time of writing, there was no word from NBC on whether the episode would be shown after the address or simply rescheduled.