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Seth Grabel Ties The Knot In Front Of Millions

Posted by Michael on January 28th, 2014

Acrobatic magician Seth Grabel married publisher Tammy Shaw Sunday night and you may have even been a witness to their nuptials. The pair were among the thirty three couples married by Queen Latifah during the Grammy performance by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis. The group marriage, which included traditional and same sex couples, has proven to be one of the most talked about moments from the award show.

Tammy publishes Las Vegas Woman magazine and Seth, of course, is a Vegas based magician who presents his show at the Clarion Hotel and competed on America’s Got Talent.

iTricks wishes all the best to the new couple.

Piff Moves To Vegas And More [Magic Bulletin]

Posted by Michael on January 21st, 2014

Piff the Magic Dragon and his little dog Mr. Piffles (featured above) have made the jump to Las Vegas. Throughout 2014 they will be appearing at Rose. Rabbit. Lie., the new nightclub at the Cosmopolitan. Piff will be a part of the 8PM and 10PM portions of the club’s Vegas Nocturne show and hosting Breakfast at Piffany’s from midnight to 1AM each show night. Vegas has gotten a bit more entertaining.

Seaking of Vegas, TV Guide is reporting popular sitcom Modern Family will being heading to Las Vegas for a special episode. Magic will figure into the plot but instead of a Vegas magician, Patten Oswalt will guest star as a magician named Ducky.

Robin Leach in his Star Scribbles column that is reporting that AGT alum Michael Turco is joking the cast of Masters of Illusion Live. The tour is currently working its way down the East Coast and around the Gulf Coast.

In case you were wondering, the audio tape of an interview with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. that was much featured in the news yesterday was the same tape purchased by David Copperfield. He donated it to the National Civil Rights Museum in Memphis back in 2012. In the 8 minute clip, Dr. King speaks about the Kennedy family’s involvement in his release from the Georgia State Prison in 1960.

Murray Takes Aim At The Illusionists

Posted by Michael on January 14th, 2014 is reporting that Murray Sawchuck is claiming that The Illusionists have copied his signature trick. He maintains that The Illusionists show features an appearing steam engine, which he feels is too similar to his vanishing locomotive illusion. The article then quotes Murray as saying “You will also notice the train is an exact copy of MY steam train illusion I designed and invented in 2010 for America’s Got Talent Semi-Finals being seen by more than 22 million viewers.” He goes on to say that despite the many Las Vegas connections among The Illusionists cast and crew, no one ever contacted him about using the piece.

Daniels’ Home Flooded, Another Magical Politician and More [Magic Bulletin]

Posted by Michael on January 10th, 2014

Paul Daniels’ home along the River Thames is one of many affected by flooding but he wants to let everyone know that his home is not as bad off as others in the area. He thanked those concerned via his Twitter account and stated he and wife Debbie McGee were prepared. He has also been tweeting advice to others affected by flooding, such as “Get inflatable paddling pools downstairs and dump everything you can into them. You will save so much stuff.” Daniels also tweeted the photo above which shows some of the flooding.

We recently reported on Tory MP and ex-magician’s assistant Penny Mordaunt who will be featured on a celebrity diving competition show. She has inspired Welsh MP Glyn Davies to admit on Facebook that he was once a magician, according to a BBC News article. He shared a story which “Involved me appearing to pour a jug of hot water down (an assistant’s) trousers – using a trick funnel… Knew there was something wrong when (he) screamed. ‘You’ve set fire to my ******* ****** you ******* *****.’ Most unsuitable for a kids party but best audience response ever.”

AGT alum Spencer Horsman recently began a stint starring in the ILLUSIONS show at the Riviera Hotel and Casino’s Starlite Theater in Las Vegas. He will be appearing through February 24.

Finally, the Hong Kong Toys and Games Fair is underway and, according to Japan’s Corporate News Network, one of the features is Kidult World. This section boasts more than 80 vendors with toys aimed for the young at heart, including magic.

Illusionist 2.0, Eric Buss and More [Magic Bulletin]

Posted by Michael on December 26th, 2013 caught up with The Illusionists 2.0, which includes familiar names such as Raymond Crowe and Luis De Matos. They also spoke with producer Simon Painter who said that the first show, which is getting ready to come to the United States, was a steampunk vision of magic while the new version is a futuristic view of magic.

The Arizona Daily Star caught up with hometown boy Eric Buss, the magician perhaps best known for his America’s Got Talent run or his viral videos of creations such as the bubble wrap bike. His show with Danny Cole is in Tuscon Saturday and you can learn more here.

Speaking of AGT alum, Seth Grabel is debuting a new act January 19 at the Sunset Station Casino in Henderson, Nevada. Acrobatic Magic combines acrobatics with magic in a family friendly show.

Murray Makes Good On Christmas Promise

Posted by Michael on December 26th, 2013

Being in the hospital over the holidays must be pretty hard, especially for kids and a visit from a magician must make it a little brighter. Remember back in November when iTricks reported that Murray Sawchuck had visited the UMC Trauma Center and promised to return on Christmas? He made good on his promise and was back to perform for young patients yesterday.

S&R Not Retired From Being Charitable, Balloons, Cupcakes, More [Magic Bulletin]

Posted by Michael on December 23rd, 2013

Our lead off video is from magician Rob Driscoll’s My Daily Balloon blog. For the last year he has been putting up incredible balloon creations, from Captain America’s shield to fairies and bunnies, but as off 2014 he will be slowing down a bit. He promises to continue posting, but not one a day.

Robin Leach mentioned in his Las Vegas Sun column Friday that Siegfried and Roy, although retired form performing, would be hosting a holiday party for the local Downtown Boys and Girls Club with turkey dinner and gifts for 120 kids.

Paul Daniels' hybrid?

According to the Henley Standard website, Paul Daniels blamed his recent speeding bust on driving a hybrid. He said it is so quiet he simply does not realize how fast he is driving…. Umm, yeah, Paul. Those hybrids are infamous for their raw street burning power!

Finally, talked to Justin Willman the other day. Nothing earth shattering was revealed, unless you have a burning need to know how he dressed for Halloween, but it seems to us that Justin is getting a little more attention lately… Is he magic’s next break out star? Remember his new game show, Disney’s Win, Lose or Draw, starts January 17th.