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Bacardi Profiles Rogue, Everyone Predicted Germany And More [Magic Bulletin]

Posted by Michael on July 15th, 2014

If you only know Rogue from his recent America’s Got Talent appearance, then you really need to pay attention to the documentary leading off today’s Magic Bulletin. This is part of Bacardi’s Untameable Series, billed as short films about passionate spirits from all over the world.

Speaking of AGT competitors, Smoothini is going to be appearing on Telemundo’s Un Neuvo Dia Wednesday morning. Not exactly sure when he will be on, but it airs at 7/6 Central. Check your local listings to see if you have Telemundo in your market.

So apparently magicians all over the world picked Germany to win the World Cup weeks before the final game. According to Yahoo’s Dirty Tackle sports blog, Dynamo did it and says Ilan Smith predicted the winner and minute of the winning goal in South Africa. Well iTricksters, I would have put in my prediction a few weeks ago, too, but I wanted to be surprised!

Robin Leach’s Las Vegas Sun column is reporting that Murray SawChuck is adding a second show to his run at the Tropicana by taking over the 7 o’clock show at The Laugh Factory.

Paul Daniels leant a little star power to the opening of the All Saints School’s new sensory room according to the Get Reading website. The room is designed to present a soothing but stimulating environment for children with special needs.

Finally, former United States Representative from Illinois Kenneth J. Gray passed away on July 12 at the age of 89. He was also an amateur magician and World War II pilot who once even appeared on To Tell The Truth. You can read his full obituary in the Washington Post.

Alex Ramon, VanBurch, Mac King And More [Magic Bulletin]

Posted by Michael on July 10th, 2014

Check it out: the five hours it takes to set up Brock Edwards’ stage and show condensed into the duration of a good rodeo ride. I bet the crew wishes it really goes this quickly… Speaking of quickly, there is a bunch of news, so let’s cover it quickly.

Nice coverage of Alex Ramon’s Milbourne Christopher Award in the San Ramon Patch.

I have to say I was quite disappointed by the amount of local media coverage given to the IBM/SAM Combined Convention. I did not catch much TV during the convention, but searches of the local TV, radio and newspaper websites did not reveal anything except for the piece on ICE McDonald we brought you the other day.

KY3 TV reports that Kirby VanBurch has retired five of his big cats to a local big cat animal sanctuary. The three tigers and two leopards (all born in captivity) will live out their lives at the National Tiger Sanctuary located near Branson, MO.

Robin Leach is reporting in the Las Vegas Sun that Mac King is getting numerous requests for assistance with marriage proposals. Honestly, we are not even running magic proposal videos anymore because they are getting to be so common. Of course, if something really amazing pops up you can count on iTricks to pass it along. By the way, Smoothini also gets a mention in Leach’s Star Scribbles column.

And finally, Sydney’s Daily Telegraph ran a piece on Cosentino recently that featured his struggles to learn to read. Apparently the magician did not really pick up the skill until about age 12 and is now lending his name and efforts to the 2014 Wall of Hands, a fundraiser for the Australian Literacy and Numeracy Foundation.

Magic Movies And TV [Magic Bulletin]

Posted by Michael on June 26th, 2014

Robin Leach is reporting in the Las Vegas Sun that casting will begin this weekend for Guard Dog, a new film written and directed by magician Rory Johnston and produced by him and magic legend Lance Burton. This family oriented film is not Lance’s first foray in films; his directorial debut Billy Topit is now in post-production. You can learn more about Guard Dog at its official website.

We are starting to see hype about the newest incarnation of Masters Of Illusion. The Baltimore Sun ran a featurette on Spencer Horsman recently which states he will be in the first and third episodes of the series. Masters Of Illusion premieres August 1st on the CW.

Speaking of TV, do not forget to check your local listings to catch David Copperfield on History’s American Restoration tonight.

Alex Belfield Interviews A Bevy Of Vegas Heavyweights

Posted by Michael on June 24th, 2014

Alex Belfield is an English journalist with a huge archive of celebrity interviews on his website This may be of particular interest to iTricksters because of all the time he has spent in Las Vegas over the years. A quick search of his site will connect you not only with the Piff the Magic Dragon interview heard above (from May 20 of this year) but also interviews with Lance Burton, David Copperfield, Mac King, Murray SawChuck and many more magicians. All of his archived interviews have been posted as YouTube videos, most of which match pictures to the conversation.

Steven Knight On AGT, $250K Penn And Teller Trick And More [Magic on the Block]

Posted by Michael on June 11th, 2014

Last night’s final AGT magician leads off today’s Magic Bulletin. Stephen Knight, much like Patrick Gable Marnelli, only got a few seconds but it appears that he got through to the next round as well thanks to his slick shell game presentation. You can find out more about Stephen at his website.

Speaking of AGT, Smoothini is already showing up on web searches for MAGIC and MAGICIAN. He seems to have made a big impression last night!

We posted a Vinny DePonto promo piece Monday from director Jeremy White’s Vimeo pages, but it was not actually the final version that was used. You can see it here.

The Guardian’s Brian Logan took a skeptical look at the skepticism of magicians. It is a short, but interesting, piece that you can read online. Penn and Derren Brown are specifically named.

Speaking of Penn, John Katsilometes recently reported in the Las Vegas Sun that Penn and Teller are adding a vanishing pygmy elephant bit to their act… at a cost of $250,000! He also mentions that the boys will be performing for British royalty later this month.

Illusion Exhibit, Darcy Oakes’ Torso And More [Magic Bulletin]

Posted by Michael on June 3rd, 2014

Richard Wiseman’s exhibit Illusion: Nothing Is As It Seemsis enjoying its North American premiere run at the Reuben H> Fleet Science Center in San Diego. Learn more in the video above… and if you want to catch the exhibit you have until January.

According to the headline over at, “Britain’s Got Talent’s hot magician Darcy Oakes finally gets his torso out in his sexiest shoot EVER!” Hey, the all caps emphasis was theirs, not ours.

Entertainment Weekly is reporting on new NBC fall lineup premiere dates… Constantine hits the airwaves on Friday, October 24 after the season premiere of Grimm.

According to a press release, the MGM Grand (home of David Copperfield, KA and more) has signed a licensing deal with All-American Licensing and Management Group, which means more MGM branded merchandise in the future.

Murray Shills For The TSA, Blaine Hangs With Bono And More [Magic Bulletin]

Posted by Michael on May 16th, 2014

Murray Sawchuck and wife Chloe Crawford are among several Vegas celebs featured in new TSA videos at McCarran Airport.

According to several sources, including US Weekly, David Blaine was on hand to help U2′s Bono celebrate his 54th birthday earlier this week. Blaine did an underwater stunt, attempting to hold his breath for 10 minutes while smoking an e-cigarette and eating banana.

Yoga instructor and magician’s assistant Sandy Erickson of Huntingdon Valley, PA was the subject of a recent CNN iReport. She jumps boxes for husband Steve Black.

The BJP, which included PC Sorcar Jr among its candidates, scored a landslide victory in the Indian elections. It appears that they were successful enough to rule without forming a coalition (the first time this has happened in India in about three decades), but there is still no official announcement that iTricks can find regarding Sorcar’s bid for a seat in the Lok Sabha.

Don’t forget that David Copperfield will be a part of the season finale of The Amazing Race Sunday night on CBS at 8 PM Eastern, 7 Central.