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What Does Hitler’s Personal Psychic Have to do with Mentalism?

Posted by Editor on July 30th, 2012

Erik Jan Hanussen_ Hitler_s Jewish Clairvoyant.png

Keith Barry is, according to this interview with a New Zealand newspaper, reading up on Erik Jan Hanussen. Who is Erik Jan Haussen? I’ll let Barry tell you…

“That’s what I love about it. That’s why I love flying so much because I can sit down and read. The book I’m reading at the moment is about Hitler’s Jewish clairvoyant, a guy by the name of Erik Jan Hanussen, and people don’t realise Hitler used a clairvoyant when he was in power.

“It was Hanussen who told Hitler to adopt the swastika and he taught Hitler all his brainwashing techniques,” he says.

If you’d also like to better your mentalism routine by informing yourself about Hitler’s taste in mind readers, you can pick up the book here.

Keith Barry Spit on Manager After Failed Escape

Posted by Editor on July 18th, 2012

keith barry fail escape spit manager.png

Apologies in advance for the slightly sensational headline.

Keith Barry gave some more details on his dangerously botched escape last Friday to Apparently, the manager who raced up on stage to help him got a face full of spit for his trouble.

“I blacked out from lack of oxygen.”

“I did black out and it was real and because it’s a real challenge.”

The show’s crew desperately went to Barry’s rescue when they realised the trick had gone wrong.

“The curtain apparently came slowly down while my manager ripped the cling film off my face and I came too and quite literally, I know this sounds terrible because people didn’t see this but I just started spitting all over him and spluttering all over him,” Barry continued.

Although this certainly isn’t proof on if it was a planned stunt or not, we’d like to believe if it was staged Barry still spit on his manager for authenticity sake.

Discussion: When is a Staged Failed Ending Effective?

Posted by Editor on July 17th, 2012

keith barry failed escape.png

There has been some discussion over the last few days that Keith Barry’s botched escape on Friday, leading to him losing consciousness on stage, was part of his act.

My question is: why?

Let’s assume that it is. What does Barry get out of it? Publicity for sure, but publicity that at best paints him as injured and at worst as incompetent. The escape, although dangerous, isn’t particularly exotic. I guess it would heighten the tension for the next audiences he performed it for, but that seems a long way to go for a feeling that should already be built up by the end of a performance.

Meanwhile, let’s take a look at another hypothetically staged botched ending. David Blaine’s Drowned Alive. To be clear, I have no first hand knowledge that the ending to this 2006 ABC special was predetermined beyond random magic chatter.

For the sake of argument, let’s assume it was.

This makes sense. Blaine has already performed an amazing feet of endurance by sitting in a fishbowl for seven days and seven nights while his skin broke down and his liver began to fail. In terms of television viewers, he’d already performed a pre-produced hour of street magic. The final stunt to break the then-record of underwater breath holding for eight minutes and 58 seconds (while escaping chains and handcuffs) failed but the press the next day glowed about him.

“A everyday hero for an everyday age” wrote the Boston Globe. According to Wikipedia.

The narrative defining his entire career was reinforced. Chiefly, that David Blaine is magician who attempts real, dangerous stunts that have a chance of doing real harm to him should he not complete them.

It also gave him a reason to break another breath holding record on Oprah a few years later.

But what do you guys think? When is it best to stage a failed trick, stunt or escape? If ever?

david blaine drowned alive.png

Disturbing Footage of Keith Barry Passing Out on Stage During Failed Escape

Posted by Editor on July 16th, 2012
Keith Barry Trick Gone Wrong in Dublin Friday 13tg - YouTube.png

In a truly unsettling video, Keith Barry passes out onstage and needs to be assisted by his crew as the house lights come on, the curtain is lowered and his audience murmurs in stunned silence.

It all went down Friday during the finale of a show in Dublin. The escape features Barry wrapped in cling wrap from head to bound with rope.

This is the second time within 12 months Barry has made headlines for passing out on stage during this escape. It previously happened in August of 2011.

Barry is safe, tweeting reassurances to his fans on Saturday.

The Irish mentalist might not be the luckiest performer in the world. He nearly died in a 2007 auto accident.

Is Keith Barry Brainwashing Irish Olympic Athletes?

Posted by Editor on July 9th, 2012
irish gold medal keith barry.jpg

You know you’ve done well as a mentalist when athletes who have worked most of their lives to achieve one goal ask you to screw around with their brain only weeks before they compete. Such is the life of Keith Barry who, according to the Irish Sun, is “reprogramming” many of his country’s athletes to perform successfully in the London Games.

Barry said: “I’ve been doing some work with a number of the athletes going over to London, helping them prepare mentally.

“It’s all about reprogramming their subconsciousness, learning how to readjust themselves when something goes wrong, that kind of thing.

Barry goes on to tell the paper that if the Irish National Soccer Team had employed his methods they might have fared better at the Euro 2012 tournament which just wrapped up.

Keith Barry Also Predicted the Euro 2012 Final

Posted by Editor on July 6th, 2012
Keith Barry predicted Euro 2012 results - YouTube.jpg

We told you earlier this week the Dynamo revealed an accurate Euro 2012 finals prediction on television but he was not the only mentalist across the pond to make hay out of the idea. Keith Barry also freaked out a local radio team with a correct prediction of the winning team, the leading scorer and the fate of the local Irish national team.

Safe to say the host gets a little freaked out.

Keith Barry Poses €50,000 Challenge to Psychic

Posted by Editor on June 22nd, 2012

psychic wayne.jpg

Irish television psychic Wayne Issac, who claims his powers of telepathy are genuine, has been challenged by mentalist Keith Barry to prove his abilities as the real deal. Should Wayne succeed, Barry has agreed to pay out €50,000.

Wayne’s television program on TV3 has been the object of ridicule as of late. In this video below he seriously answers a question from a caller who’s life story is actually lyrics from the opening theme song to 90’s sitcom The Fresh Prince of Bel Air.

The challenge was initially posed on Twitter.

Some Irish smartarse also set up a fake Twitter account for the medium and started taunting Keith Barry. He didn’t take to kindly to the jibes and has now challenged Psychic Wayne to either put up or shut up. Barry says he’ll give him €50,000 if he can prove his ‘powers’ are real.

Wayne responded that he would accept the challenge if the terms of the test were fair. But why stop at a paltry €50,000? Wayne should double down and make the test a proving ground for James Randi’s $1,000,000 challenge as well!

If vindicated, he could look at his kingdom as he was finally there to sit on his throne as the prince of Bel Air.