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Penn Honored, Keith Barry Predicts the Future And More [Magic Bulletin]

Posted by Michael on November 7th, 2014

Video above (from YouTuber sofakingdrunk66) is on the Cafe Edison, the meeting place of the Magic Table which the Wall Street Journal covered not too long ago. Unfortunately, New York Eater reports that the old school lunch counter will be closing soon. Thanks to Peter Mennie for the tip.

The Las Vegas Sun‘s Robin Leach reports that Opportunity Village honored Penn and Emily Jillette for their hard work over the years for the charity.

The Daily Mirror is reporting that Keith Barry is predicting Prince Harry will create a scandal by getting a woman pregnant, among other things.

The Daily Mail has a piece on DMC, whose new National Geographic show Beyond Magic just premiered overseas. His family started one of England’s most well known banks and he is the heir to a baronetcy, so it is a bit different than the rags to riches stories one often hears about performers.

Keith Barry Blindfolds Rugby Player, Gives Him Sixth Sense

Posted by Editor on May 23rd, 2013

Keith Barry has done a great job weaving his mentalism through athletics. In this video he programs a rugby player to catch balls even though his sight is obscured with a blindfold and bag.

Also, a kid gets hit in the nuts with a rugby ball. Which is always hilarious.

Cian Blindfold Trick with Keith Barry - YouTube.jpg

Keith Barry Explains Medium Routine

Posted by Editor on May 14th, 2013

skitched-20130514-140725.jpgYesterday, I posted a Keith Barry routine that seemed a bit close to the line between mentalism routine and “psychic demonstration”. Although Keith made a point at the end to mention that he was claiming no supernatural powers, the routine still left me feeling a bit weird.

After emailing Keith for comment, he responded with the following:

My current show is called THEDARKSIDE and explores The Occult/Voodoo/Ouiija boards/Psychics/etc……… I am clear that I do not claim any paranormal powers when performing these demonstrations. Both women were delighted to be part of the show and are very happy to have been part of the performance. Normally the piece on tv would take a 30min chunk in my live show – I was given 12 mins so hence a lot of what I would normally do and say I had to cut. Suffice to say that anyone who comes to my live shows are clear when leaving that THEDARKSIDE is all an illusion.

Glad to hear it. Editing down a routine designed to pull as much emotion as Barry does has to be a tricky process. I still wonder if the participants left thinking he was the genuine article, but then again, you can’t really hold that against Barry if they did think he had “the gift”.

Does this Keith Barry Medium Routine Cross the Line?

Posted by Editor on May 13th, 2013

An honest liar is often what magicians refer to themselves as for good reason. The person on the other end of the trick is asking to be fooled after all.

The line is even more important in mentalism when the techniques can (and are) easily used by those with less scrupulous ethics. Keith Barry has loudly been on the right side of this line, even going so far as to bust an Irish television psychic last year.

But we stumbled upon this performance of his on RTE this weekend. It’s a pretty straight forward medium routine wherein two women are made to believe that the ghosts of dead relatives are with them. Barry uses off-the-rack methods to good effect and does add the caveat of saying that he doesn’t have supernatural powers at the end.

But it still feels a bit… icky. Or at least it does to me.

Granted, this is only clip of Barry’s performance we’ve seen and for all I know the next segment he could have broken down exactly how he came by the information he sprung on the women. But this clip by itself seemed a bit weird for guy whose always done right by the honest prefix in the term honest liar.

Keith Barry Calmed Down a Professional Athlete Using Comforting Profanity

Posted by Editor on December 17th, 2012
scott evans.jpg

Keith Barry has been linked to a few Irish athletes who hope to gain insight from him to get a clearer focus and competitive advantage. One such jock is pro badminton player Scott Evans.

The methods Barry used to put Evans’ mind at ease are unknown. What is known is how he delivered them: laced with casual f-bombs. Evans is apparently known for his foul mouth and Barry was of a like mind. Which in the end, made all the difference for Evans who’d apparently searched for years to find someone he could talk to on a comfortable level.

“So he starts chatting and he’s like, ‘Right you go into this point and you’re going to f—–g mill it and you’re going to f—–g do this and f—–g do that’. The way he said it was brilliant. I almost started laughing.”

As he listened to Barry, a stream of colourful language rushing from his mouth, he felt instantly comfortable, almost like it was an echo of himself. He thought back to all the years he’d spent struggling to find himself, the army of sports psychologists he’d visited since he was 12, none of them ever sounding like Barry, none of them ever able to make a connection in the same way.

How Barry helped him is really a inspirational story and we hesitate to ruin it here. Pretty good f—–g job by him.

keith barry scott evans.jpg

Keith Barry Attempts to Bust Fake Psychics on his YouTube Channel

Posted by Editor on October 10th, 2012

Keith Barry has an new mission. Spoil some of the techniques employed by psychics around the world. He takes the biggest one on in this first video in what he promises to be a series exposing the fraudulent world of fortune tellers: cold reading.

He asks you to rate on a scale of one to 10 how accurate he is. It’s a eight for me. He’s good. But mostly because of the soothing Irish accent.

Keith Barry Will Tell You How to “Retrain Your Mind” in New Book

Posted by Editor on August 29th, 2012 - Keith Barry Interview.png

Irish “brain hacker” Keith Barry is currently penning a new book:

“The book will essentially be about how people can retrain their mind. If you have the tools to retrain your subconscious mind, you can achieve any particular individual goal that you may have”, he said.

Will it be more self help? A scientific study of how the brain works? More details as they develop.