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Jeff McBride, Eugene Burger Receive Merlin Award

Posted by Editor on October 1st, 2010

From the McBride Magic newsletter:

Jeff McBride will receive the prestigious Merlin Award for Most Innovative Magic Show 2010 on October 21, at a special ceremony during Jeff McBride’s Wonderground at The Olive on E. Sunset Road in Las Vegas. At the same event, Eugene Burger will be receiving the Merlin Award for Close-Up Magician of The Year 2010.

Congrats all involved.

A Peek Behind The Wonderground Curtain

Posted by Editor on July 7th, 2010


Great piece by about Jeff McBride’s Wonderground, including the super boss picture above.

Jeff McBride Featured On CNN

Posted by Editor on June 30th, 2010

We got the following email today…

My name is Rick Taliesin (stage name). I’m a magician, television director, and loyal reader of itricks. Jeff McBride was on a lecture tour recently in the South East and while he was in Atlanta I was able to arrange for him to be featured on CNN in conjunction with the opening of the new Harry Potter Theme park. Just wanted to send you the link of the video that was released today on

Very cool to know some of the CNN bandwidth being spent on this site. Thanks Rick!

Jeff McBride On What Makes A Magician

Posted by Editor on June 3rd, 2010

The latest Essential Magic Conference video features a discussion with Jeff McBride. Great stuff.


Who’s Who Of Magic Hang With Young World Magic Seminar Adentees

Posted by Editor on March 2nd, 2010

Something we happened to miss last weekend with all the craziness of the lecture tour but is worth mentioning. Lance Burton, who has always been a friend to the beginning magician held a meet and greet with himself, Siegfried, Jeff McBride, Eugene Burger, Joshua Jay, Johnny Thompson, Criss Angel and Joe Monti attended by 53 young conjurers.

This from Robin Leach:

Master magician Lance Burton helped kick off a week of magic for the youth program of the World Magic Seminar at his castle in Henderson when he hosted a luncheon and meet-and-greet for 53 budding magicians with Siegfried Fischbacher and Criss Angel. The World Magic Seminar is based at The Orleans this week, and Lance invited many of the young magicians to his show at the Monte Carlo. It’s the 20th year of the convention in Las Vegas, with more than 1,000 attending. Lance said, “Can you imagine being a young magician coming to Las Vegas being able to meet one-on-one with some of the world’s most famous magicians? It’s a major international event.”

What an insane opportunity for those kids. The above photo came from @CrissAngel’s Twitter.

Magic & Mime In São Paulo, Brazil

Posted by Editor on January 29th, 2010

January 30th, the day before San Juan Bosco’s Day (The International Magicians’) will debut the Enqunto Houver Encanto (“While there is still Enchantment”) theatric production on the Alfa Theater in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The spectacle joins Music, Magic and Mime all together into a children’s story that is sure to appeal to them as well as teenagers adults of all ages.

Ricardo Malerbi shows that there is still Enchantment

Ricardo Malerbi shows that there is still Enchantment


Wonderground Kicked Off 2010 Last Night

Posted by Editor on January 22nd, 2010

For those interested, please note The Wonderground entered 2010. Jeff McBride’s club experience took place at The Olive in Las Vegas. Since its inception, Wonderground became a Playboy Club of sorts for the Vegas magic fraternity with many bold face industry names dropping by. Among those who performed: are McBride, Paul Draper, Bizzaro and Eugene Burger.

In what is likely conincidence, the theme for this evening is “New Beginnings” and the name Charlotte Pendragon was among the listed guests.

You can watch all the festivities on Street of Cards.TV