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Report: Amazing Jonathan Hospitalized After Car Accident

Posted by Editor on February 17th, 2012
amazing jonathan car accident.jpg

UPDATE: We are now getting word that Jonathan was only held at the hospital overnight and is recuperating from his injuries at his home.

Dodd Vickers of Magic Newswire has the following unfortunate report:

From what I have been told, Jonathan and Anistasia were approximately three miles from there home when they were hit head on. Anistasia has since been released from the hospital with “bumps & bruises” while Jonathan’s injuries are slightly more serious. He is expected to be in the hospital for several more days while the doctors evaluate the full extent of his injuries.

Read the full report here.

Everyone at iTricks wishes Jonathan and his girlfriend Anastasia full and speedy recoveries.

Italian Cruise Liner Ran Aground in the Middle of a Magic Show

Posted by Editor on January 14th, 2012
Police arrest Italian captain of cruise ship that ran aground, killing 3 -

While authorities continue to sort out the tragedy of the Costa Concordia, a 4,200 person cruise liner currently sitting at a 90 degree angel off the coast of Italy, a few details have emerged.

Including that the passengers were watching a magic show when the boat hit the rocky sea floor.

“I’m pretty much angry, and I want to know why we were so close to the coast,” said Rincon, who works as a dancer on the ship and was entertaining passengers by performing a trick inside a box with a magician when the accident occurred.


Paul Daniels Nearly Saws Fingers Off, Puts Magic Career in Jeopardy

Posted by Editor on January 9th, 2012

A power saw accident nearly robbed Paul Daniels of his sleight of hand career. He suffered the accident New Year’s Day at his home while trying to make repairs. Since he was alone, he had to drive himself to the hospital.

Describing the incident, Paul told The Sun: “I scared the hell out of the young woman driving the car in front.

“I mounted the pavement and went round her on the left to get to the hospital. My head was full of pain and the possible end of the magic.”

After emergency surgery, Paul is now recovering. He is expected to get back to 100%. Very good news.

Baltimore Magician Needs 16 Stitches After Beam Collapses During Hanging Escape Routine

Posted by Editor on November 29th, 2010

How’s this for bad luck? 24-year-old illusionist Spencer Horsman was performing the routine you see above at Illusions: Magic Bar in Baltimore earlier this month when the following happened…

“I had fully escaped the jacket,” Horsman said. Upside down, “I bent in half in order to unhook my ankles so I could turn myself back up.”

But then, a bolt came loose from the rigging, and Horsman fell a foot. The kicker was that the beam that he was hanging from also fell about five feet and hit him on the forehead.

“I didn’t realize how bad it was until I took my hand off my forehead and the blood gushed all over the straitjacket and stage,” he said…

The accident happened, he said, because he hadn’t used the hanging apparatus often. And, the stage is a larger space Illusions debuted recently to accommodate more people.

After the fall, he spent five hours at the emergency room, and came out with 16 stitches and a 2-inch gash on his forehead.

Horsman has since recovered and is performing the same routine again.

Feel free to leave war stories about your own bad breaks down in the comments.

Gunnarson Injured In Escape

Posted by Editor on July 30th, 2010


A close call for one of the premiere escape artists in the game today.

According to a news release, Gunnarson was injured while attempting to escape after being handcuffed chained to the tracks of a Beijing roller-coaster.

He had freed himself and was attempting to dive to safety when the roller-coaster car, which was travelling at nearly 100 km/h, clipped his right foot.

He sustained a broken bone in his foot and some internal bleeding.

He was in hospital Tuesday in Beijing but was hoping to return to Canada by Wednesday.

The stunt was being filmed for a Chinese television special.

Footage Of 2 Performers Injured During Zen Magic

Posted by Editor on July 9th, 2010

Two performers were rushed to the hospital after falling to the stage in the middle of an acrobatic routine during the Zen Magic show at the David Saxe Theater. All reports are that the pair are fine and set to return to work if they haven’t already.

Thanks to Dan Sperry for sending this in.

Lebanese TV Psychic Spared Beheading

Posted by Editor on April 22nd, 2010


From The Saudi Gazette.

BEIRUT – The lawyer of a Lebanese TV psychic condemned to death for witchcraft by a Saudi court says he will not be beheaded.

The lawyer representing 46-year-old Ali Hussein Subat told The Associated Press that Lebanon’s Minister of Justice had been assured by the Saudi Ambassador to Beirut, Ali Asiri, that the execution would not take place.

Asiri told Okaz, however, that the two countries were continuing to coordinate over the case of Subat, whose death sentence had been overturned in order to “give him the opportunity to repent”.

“We look at the issue from a humanitarian point of view, but we cannot interfere with the rulings of the Kingdom’s judiciary,” Asiri said Wednesday.

Asiri’s comments followed his meeting with Minister of Justice Ibrahim Najjar during which judicial relations between the two countries were discussed along with the drawing up of a bilateral judicial agreement.
Saudi Gazette reported in January that the Court of Cassation in Makkah had overturned the death sentence and that if Subat repented his case would be reviewed by the General Court for a lighter punishment.

“If he does not, the Court of Cassation will approve the death penalty,” a court statement said at the time.

Subat was arrested by the Commission for Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice in Madina in May 2008 and sentenced to death the following November.

He had been in the Kingdom to perform Umrah.

No matter what you think of television psychics, this is scary stuff.