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Escape Artist Suffers Severe Cuts and Bruises in Stunt Gone Wrong

Posted by Editor on August 24th, 2012

Drummond Money-Coutts.png

Escape artist Drummond Money-Coutts suffered severe cuts and bruises during an escape gone wrong. Money-Coutts was attempting to escape from ropes tied to two buggies going in opposite directions, he failed to get out of one of the ropes and was dragged on the tarmac.

He was filming a promo for the European Golf Tour:

“The right side of my body is grazed to pieces. There was a lot of blood. I could only get out of the handcuffs and one of the ropes and the driver didn’t realise so I was dragged quite a way.

“It was a success in that I managed to survive it without being totally torn apart.”

He blamed the botched escape on rainy weather.

Magician Harris III Hospitalized with Fever

Posted by Editor on August 23rd, 2012

Harris III.png

Harris III, the magician who used Kickstarter to fund his $20,000 independent magic movie was hospitalized this week.

Harris III’ s wife Kate Harris keeps fans and friends of Harris III updated through her twitter account at Kate Harris tweeted that Harris III was hospitalized. Kate requested prayers for her husband and spent hours in hospital.

Kate Harris tweeted, “@HarrisIII had a rough night. Now on morphine an some heavier antibiotics. Looking like we might be here all night again.” In her tweets Kate Harris mentioned that “He needs all the prayers he can get.”

Harris III is currently booked for the 12 Gifts of Christmas tour comprised of various Christian entertainers. The first date is the 29th of November in Ohama, Nebraska. We hope he gets better long before then.

Keith Barry Spit on Manager After Failed Escape

Posted by Editor on July 18th, 2012

keith barry fail escape spit manager.png

Apologies in advance for the slightly sensational headline.

Keith Barry gave some more details on his dangerously botched escape last Friday to Apparently, the manager who raced up on stage to help him got a face full of spit for his trouble.

“I blacked out from lack of oxygen.”

“I did black out and it was real and because it’s a real challenge.”

The show’s crew desperately went to Barry’s rescue when they realised the trick had gone wrong.

“The curtain apparently came slowly down while my manager ripped the cling film off my face and I came too and quite literally, I know this sounds terrible because people didn’t see this but I just started spitting all over him and spluttering all over him,” Barry continued.

Although this certainly isn’t proof on if it was a planned stunt or not, we’d like to believe if it was staged Barry still spit on his manager for authenticity sake.

Magician Loses Trained Bunny Rabbit to Horrifying Stray Dog Attack

Posted by Editor on July 18th, 2012

Magician loses star bunny to dog attack | News, events and sport for Brisbane East | The Courier-Mail.png

A terrible story out of Brisbane, Australia. Magician SuperSteph (real name Stephanie Lee-Harper) had two trained rabbits in her act until a stray dog attacked her garden and murdered killed her white rabbit Mr. Furious.

“The dog ripped open the wooden rabbit hutch and took the scared rabbit out of its cage,” she said.

“I heard squeaking and went into my garden to find a huge white mastiff shaking my guinea pig in its mouth.

“My one-year-old bunny rabbit was lying, already dead, on the grass next to the dog.

Many of you reading this know the attachment that comes along with training an animal to perform with you. Our condolences go out to Steph.

Disturbing Footage of Keith Barry Passing Out on Stage During Failed Escape

Posted by Editor on July 16th, 2012
Keith Barry Trick Gone Wrong in Dublin Friday 13tg - YouTube.png

In a truly unsettling video, Keith Barry passes out onstage and needs to be assisted by his crew as the house lights come on, the curtain is lowered and his audience murmurs in stunned silence.

It all went down Friday during the finale of a show in Dublin. The escape features Barry wrapped in cling wrap from head to bound with rope.

This is the second time within 12 months Barry has made headlines for passing out on stage during this escape. It previously happened in August of 2011.

Barry is safe, tweeting reassurances to his fans on Saturday.

The Irish mentalist might not be the luckiest performer in the world. He nearly died in a 2007 auto accident.

Magician Swallows Razor Sharp Hook During TV Taping, Rushed to Hospital

Posted by Editor on July 6th, 2012

Illusionist Rushed to Hospital After Botching Trick | News | The Moscow Times.jpg

File this one under: Nightmare Fuel.

Russian illusionist Ilya Safronov was performing in front of Ukrainian television cameras. In the beginning stages of “Hook From the Eye” he appeared to swallow a razor sharp hook. In this particular instance, he really did swallow the razor sharp hook. Eventually he alerted producers who stopped recording and called an ambulance.

“Doctors arrived on the scene within minutes. After a brief examination, they told the film crew that they would take Ilya to the regional hospital, where the illusionist would see an ear-nose-and-throat specialist,” New Channel’s press department told the news agency.

Safronov’s brothers, who were part of the act, initially intended to remove the hook themselves.

“I Almost Lit A Lady’s Cleavage On Fire” & a Call For Flash Paper Accident Stories

Posted by Editor on March 29th, 2012

flash paper.jpgOn a recent episode of our podcast The Magic Week in Review, we interviewed magician and prolific magic television producer Enrico de la Vega. While discussing career mistakes, he told this story.

I almost lit a lady’s cleavage on fire at the Magic Castle with flash paper.

Back when I was a junior magician at the Magic Castle, I was doing my stage act. I would do a thing where I throw flash paper up into the audience and I’d try to aim for the center aisle.

Except one time, one flew into the lady’s cleavage.

She patted it out and then looked around at everyone in amazement because she didn’t get burned.

After the show, she came up to me and said, “that was amazing! It didn’t burn me!”

I was like, “Yup, magic fire! It doesn’t burn and you’re not going to sue me for that.”

Do you have a great flash paper mistake story? Email it to iTRICKSSTAFF@GMAIL and we will run the best of them.