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Spencer Horsman Has Another Close Call

Posted by Michael on September 15th, 2015

Spencer Horsman’s live escape promoting The Supernaturalists outside the State Theater in Brunswick, New Jersey ended up with the escape artist having to be rescued by crew. According to (also the source of this video), Spencer was hospitalized following the attempt. Earlier this year, of course, Spencer reportedly had another videotaped close call, which some labeled a publicity stunt. There is additional video and coverage on the New York Post site.

Got Talent Magician Has Serious Accident, Sorcar And More [Magic Bulletin]

Posted by Michael on January 13th, 2015

Viet Nam News brings us a story that reminds us that magic can be very dangerous. During a live broadcast of Viet Nam’s Got Talent Tran Tan Phat accidentally drank sulphuric acid during his act. He was performing a Russian Roulette style act with glasses of water and acid. iTricks wishes Tran Tan Phat, who received second degree burns, a speedy recovery. The video up top is of an early performance on the show; if you have a morbid desire to see the accident, it is not hard to find.

As a mini-editorial (this is Michael’s opinion and not necessarily that of, I would like to say that this last story illustrates the problem of these danger acts where a magician slams his hand into bags over spikes or drinks acid or chooses among staple guns. If you succeed it seems to me that the audience dismisses it as merely a trick. Worse yet, if you fail I think a significant percentage of the audience, especially a large television audience, will not be particularly sympathetic and decry you as an idiot for doing such a thing. These acts can be highly effective and entertaining, but I am not sure that they ever come off as magic. Just things to consider before the next time you secrete a sharpened stake under a brown paper bag or pour yourself a glass of main line drain cleaner.

In a much less serious fail on television, Kent Online is reporting that Steve Fisher, magician and dating game show contestant, did not do so well on his night out with the lovely Gabriella on Take Me Out.

The New India Express caught up with the third generation of the PC Sorcar line. Pouroosh is the grandson of the original Sorcar and, even though he has recorded an album, is quite dedicated to keeping up the reputation of what he calls the “PC Sorcar brand.”

REMINDER: The Yale School of Art’s side show exhibit is now open and they are hosting a Ricky Jay lecture tonight (January 13). You can learn more about it and their other events here.

ANOTHER REMINDER: Syfy’s new magic show Troy: Street Magic starts tonight as well; check local listings.

Paul Daniels’ Magic Career Saved Thanks to 6 Minute Surgery

Posted by Michael on August 4th, 2014

The Daily Mail website reports that Paul Daniels’ magic career was saved by a six minute operation to reduce his “trigger finger” condition which caused his finger to lock in place. The video above, also from The Daily Mirror, is from a couple of years ago, before he realized something was wrong with his finger.

The fifth book of the Conjuring Arts Research Center’s Summer Reading Club has been announced. Houdini’s A Magician Among The Spirits is available as a free, high quality PDF until this Sunday (after that it will be available, but no longer free). Get yours here and be sure to check out the CARC’s download store. It is the perfect way to pass the time until the new History Channel biopic.

Speaking of Houdini, The Herald News website reported on Lucas Wilson’s upside down double straitjacket escape over the weekend at the Maritime Rockabilly Shakedown Festival in Amherst, Nova Scotia and Houdini’s visit to the town over a century ago before making it big. If Lucas Wilson sounds familiar, he holds multiple Guinness World Records for straitjacket escapes.

Here’s a little fact for you magicians doing gambling expert and/or cheat routines: one of the Nevada Gaming Board’s Most Wanted was recently arrested in Pennsylvania. Despite what you may have heard, you really can be arrested for cheating at Vegas casinos! You can read about it on

The Lancashire Evening Post is reporting that Nigel Hardman, the magician who accidentally gave police a flash drive with child pornography, has avoided jail time. It is unclear if he may face additional charges related to online chats with a teenage girl.

Harris III Has Fire Breathing Accident [Graphic Footage]

Posted by Michael on July 15th, 2014

Harris III usually brings us fun videos with his young son but this one is much more serious. He recently posted this smartphone footage of a fire breathing accident he had earlier this month. He was burned but is recovering. The video was posted, along with a short article on his website, as a reminder to others to be careful. He states in the article: I let my guard down due to repeated experience and made a mistake. That simple mistake led to second degree burns on my face and neck.

iTricks wishes Harris a speedy recovery and wants to join him in reminding everyone out there doing danger effects to always put safety first.

Clown Does Best Production Ever, Circus Accident And More [Magic Bulletin]

Posted by Michael on May 5th, 2014

The video above is from the Enid News and shows how Wilson the Clown did the best production act ever for students of Chisholm Elementary in Enid, Oklahoma… particularly for the children of Lt. Col. Kevin Kohl who is just back from Iraq.

In sadder news, an apparent equipment failure at a Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey Circus performance in Providence, Rhode Island injured nine performers, two critically according to NBC News, when the rack holding up eight women by their hair fell approximately 35 feet. Feld Entertainment (parent company of the circus) issued the following press release:

Ellenton, FL – May 4, 2014 — During the 11am performance of Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey® Presents LEGENDS? on May 4, 2014, at Dunkin’ Donuts Center in Providence, Rhode Island, there was an accident during the hair hang act. All performers in the act received immediate medical attention and were transported to a local hospital for further care.

The 11am performance was stopped at that time. Performances scheduled at 3pm and 7pm on May 4 and at 10:30 am on May 5 have been cancelled. An investigation has begun into the cause of the accident, and no further details are available at this time.

The catalog for the next Potter and Potter Auctions offering, which was mentioned by Gabe Fujari during his recent iTricks Magic Week In Review appearance, is now available. The auction has a playing card theme and will be held on May 31st and June 1st. The catalog is available from the Potter and Potter website in both print and PDF formats.

Finally, reprinted a story on S. Chandran, who has gone from the Singapore Air Force to IT to professional magician. The Traverse City Record-Eagle also ran a nice feature on Josh Beechraft, which credits at least some of his success as a magician to the “ape hands” inherited from his grandmother.

Have a happy Cinco De Mayo everyone (that is, if you have recovered from May the Fourth).

Wally Watthead, Jerry Andrus’ Brother and More [Magic Bulletin]

Posted by Michael on January 13th, 2014

George Andrus, 98 year old brother of late magician Jerry Andrus, was the guest of honor at the local library this weekend when a display of his photographs was unveiled. According to the Albany Democrat-Herald George picked up photography after Jerry became interested in the subject almost 80 years ago. His photographs have graced the cover of the Photography Society of America’s magazine and has soap bubble videos have achieved something of a cult following. Some of his work can be seen in the video above from Oregon Art Beat, which was produced when George was 89.

Magician Janne Raudaskoski’s off Broadway family friendly play Wally Watthead and His Lost Glow was mentioned in the New York Times’ Theater Section. The show follows the adventures of a nightstand lamp and his pal the cellphone as they attempt to regain the lamp’s glow. It will be performed tomorrow, Tuesday January 14, at 7:00 PM at the New World Stages.

The Hindu website is reporting that a six year-old girl was visiting a resort near Chennai with her family where they attended a magic show. The performer gathered the children in the audience around him and threw a bell in the air, instead of landing on the stage as planned it hit the girl, cutting her forehead. The girl received medical attention but did not need stitches.

This should be a reminder to all performers to be careful. This accident could have been avoided and yet we are literally reading about it on the other side of the world!

Paul Lee presented his third annual Believe In Magic show yesterday (Sunday January 12) in St. Charles, Illinois. The annual event is a fundraiser for the National Association for Downs Syndrome. Other performers on the bill included Terri Lynn and Ken Mate, Jamahl Keyes and Trent Rivas (who you may remember from Kevin Spencer’s documentary More Alike Than Different).

Finally, Don’t Trust Andrew Mayne premieres tonight on A&E, 10 PM Eastern. Andrew was also the guest on the latest Magic Week In Review podcast.

Devil’s Nail Fail (?)

Posted by Michael on January 8th, 2014

David Crosser (also known as Robakidze), who made it through a few rounds of Georgia’s Got Talent a couple of years ago, sent us this video of him performing what he called The Devil’s Nail and failing. There is a second video that you can find on YouTube, too that features a close up view. There was a bit of conversation around the iTricks water cooler which led to a debate as to whether or not this was a “real” fail or a stunt. Our general consensus was that something just didn’t feel quite right… but we could not put our finger on it.

What do you think?