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Franz Harary Vanishes A Space Shuttle

Posted by Michael on November 23rd, 2018

Long before it vanished for real thanks to a lack of commitment to man’s future in space, Franz Harary provided the amazing finale to the first of NBC’s World’s Greatest Magic specials by vanishing the reusable space vehicle.

A Couple Of Illusions From Danny Orleans

Posted by Michael on November 21st, 2018

Chances are, you know Danny Orleans as a kids’ show magician (because he is one of the best around) but he is also an accomplished trade show performer. In this clip he not only does a couple classic stage illusions up close and personal but also gives us a taste of how a magician works his client into trade show performances.

Cutting A Woman In Half (Or More)

Posted by Michael on October 29th, 2018

We love the classics around iTricks Tower Midwest… especially sawing a woman in half. So when Johnny Magic posted this short video showing his version of the stage effect it caught our eye!

Looks At The 18th WKF World Convention In Greece

Posted by Michael on October 18th, 2018

Greek illusionist Loukos was a special performer at the 18th WKF World Convention, held in Greece earlier this year. The WKF, or World Kobudo Federation, is a global non-style aligned, non-political martial arts organization.

A Spotlight On Jay Owenhouse’s Tigers

Posted by Michael on October 16th, 2018

KXLF just posted this piece on the twin tigers that perform in Jay Owenhouse’s show after one, Shekinah, hurt herself while rough-housing with her sister and required surgery normally only given humans!

Bianca Farla And The Showgirls Of Magic

Posted by Michael on September 21st, 2018

It’s video Friday, so sit back and enjoy this short magic show from Bianca Farla and the Showgirls Of Magic. This all female illusion group is based in the Netherlands but I wouldn’t be surprised if they start showing up in other countries, at least on television.

That does it for us this week; y’all have a great (and safe) weekend!

AGT 2018 Look Back: Rob Lake

Posted by Michael on September 19th, 2018

Rob Lake’s quarter final performance from this year’s America’s Got Talent.