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Houdini’s Metamorphosis Trunk

Posted by Michael on September 3rd, 2021

This video from Fantasma Magic’s Houdini Museum of New York is not exactly solely a performance, but it does included footage of Houdini’s brother Hardeen performing the act.

The Klosterman Collection Auction Is Coming

Posted by Michael on August 19th, 2021

Ken Klosterman’s Salon de Magie is legendary among magic collectors. It is arguably the world’s greatest private magic collection and is definitely in the top two. Potter and Potter Auctions will present the first part of this amazing assembly of magic October 30, with previews October 1-5 in Loveland, Ohio and again in Chicago the two days before the auction.

Find out more on the Potter and Potter website.

The video above is of Mr. Klosterman himself taking WCPO reporters on a mini-tour of his collection a few years ago.

Highlights From 2005 Get Together

Posted by Michael on August 6th, 2021

Let’s finish up the week with a few highlights from the evening shows at the 2005 Magic Get Together. You can see more from past Abbotts Magic Get Togethers at the official YouTube page.

Backstage At The Get Together

Posted by Michael on August 6th, 2021

From the Abbotts Magic Get Together YouTube page comes this look behind the scenes of the stage show from 2008.

Tommy Cooper Visits Ed Sullivan

Posted by Michael on July 22nd, 2021

Tommy Cooper is a British comedy magic legend, but he did make his way across the Atlantic. This appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show is from October, 1967.

Why Did Blackstone Settle In Colon?

Posted by Michael on July 20th, 2021

Carol Ritchie’s Daily Cheer YouTube series just posted a video explaining why Blackstone chose to settle in Colon, Michigan. We have featured Carol’s videos from around Colon before but it is worth noting she is actually an award winning television cooking show host so you might want to poke around her videos when you are looking for a dinner idea! Unfortunately, Carol posted this video without any comments so we are not quite sure who it features.

Houdini And Lovecraft Manuscript

Posted by Michael on July 19th, 2021

Silvia Moreno-García teaches about HP Lovecraft in the above video from TED-Ed… why is iTricks on about HP Lovecraft when Halloween is still three months away? Fine Books and Collections recently posted a look at the extremely rare (as in previously rumored to exist without firm proof) manuscript The Cancer of Superstition which was commissioned and, at least in name, co-authored by Harry Houdini. The 31 page type written manuscript was auctioned off at Potter and Potter back in April of 2016 and the Fine Books and Collections piece was originally written in March of that year, but just popped up in a news search over the weekend. Given today’s detour towards magic libraries, it seemed like a fun article to share.

As you may know, Lovecraft wrote Houdini’s article Under The Pyramids which presents a rather sensationalized version of Houdini’s night sleeping in an Egyptian tomb.