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Real Life Harry Potter Wand Blasts in Tesla Coil Fight

Posted by Editor on November 6th, 2012
Street Performers Go Head-to-Head in Electrifying Tesla Coil Fight [VIDEO].jpg

Two men at a street fair in Queen decided to engage in an electrifying battle pitting them against each other using tesla coils. It a pretty awesome choreographed routine that more that once resembles the magic blasts from the wands of Harry Potter and the rest of the Hogwarts gang.

Indian Magic Legend Calls J.K. Rowling “A Liar”

Posted by Editor on June 12th, 2012
j k rowling.jpg

pc sorcar jr rowling .jpg

You won’t find P.C. Sorcar Jr. at any Wizard Rock shows any time soon. In fact, we’re guessing he hasn’t so much as cracked the spine on the first tome in the series: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.

The son of the most famous Indian magician of all time, who has made a tremendous name for himself as a grand illusionist does not take kindly to being referred to as the Dumbledore of Indian magic.

Here is his response…

“Sorry to tell you, but Rowling madam is a liar,” he says, as Maneka laughs, amused at her father’s conviction and lack of subtlety. “Harry Potter isn’t her imagination. There have been many Harrys in magic, starting from Harry Houdini to Harry Keller. And Richard Potter was a famous African-American magician,” he says.

Isn’t all fiction writing lying? For that matter, isn’t much of magic lying?

Sorcar is performing from June 12 to the 18th at Vishnudas Bhave, Vashi to help benefit cancer patients.

Just don’t mention Harry Potter.

Quantum Physics & Harry Potter

Posted by Editor on March 1st, 2012
Quantum Physics & Harry Potter - YouTube.jpg

If you are up for science class here is a long video mixing science, Harry Potter, lecture, magic and theory.

It’s described thusly on the YouTube page:

An evening of science and magic presented by the Institute for Quantum Computing, “Quantum Physics and Harry Potter” explores real-life science that mirrors the fantastical phenomena of Harry Potter’s realm.

IQC postdoctoral fellow Krister Shalm teams up with magician Dan Trommater to demonstrate quantum concepts such as teleportation and entanglement, and their analogies in J.K. Rowling’s fantasy world.

Enjoy the science!

Did Harry Potter Redefine Magic For Children Audiences?

Posted by Editor on July 18th, 2011

Skitched 20110718 132853

Esquire had an idea. Let’s take three New York City magicians and take them to see the latest (and climactic) Harry Potter film. Afterward, we will ask them what they thought.

The most salient point came from Sam Eaton who had this to say about performing for children in post-Potter world.

“I’ve been reading the books since they first came out. And doing a show that children come to, as well as adults, you start to see the show through children’s eyes. They always refer to things that they’ve seen in the context of Harry Potter because that’s how they see magic these days.”

“I would say it’s what every child wants magic to be.”

Some of the other quotes ranged from a bit off topic (“A goth magician was on America’s Got Talent last year. And he’s got a really big following. It’s not personally my cup of tea,” Monday Night Magic’s Michael Chaut) to cheeky (“I’m just distracted by the word ‘wandwork.’ And ‘cups and balls,'” Eaton’s assistant Janet Oldenbroek) but are there any magi who agree with Sam’s assessment that children familiar with Harry Potter look at magic different than kids who don’t?

iTricks Magic Stars Podcast 11.05.09

Posted by Editor on November 5th, 2009

Carl Ballantine dies at 92. Keith Barry’s Deal Or No Deal gets a big budget. Rudy Coby needs your help.

Newsmaker Interview:

De’vo We are thankful to help with a really awesome charity partially put on by this XCM legend.


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Website For Harry Potter Theme Park Goes Live

Posted by Editor on September 15th, 2009

Click here for a letter from the creators. Head here for a computer-generated video map of the park, which will be located next to Universal Studio’s Islands of Adventure.

Criss Angel Watches Harry Potter

Posted by Editor on August 5th, 2009

You’ve seen Mindfreak Criss Angel teach Harry Potter lessons in magic. Twice. So what happens when the A&E star watches the film version of the Hogwarts hero? Find out in this preview for the new celeb-sniping Mtv program Popzilla.

Meanwhile, what happens when three animated programs have the same idea for a joke and produce it only to realize they’re ungracefully trampling over well-worn territory? The world may never know.