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Young Magician Leaves Suicide Note on Magic Cafe, Steve Brooks Responds

Posted by Editor on April 15th, 2013

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Unbearably tragic news from The Magic Cafe. A young magician posted a suicide note on the popular forum this weekend and shortly after, ended his own life.

Steve Brooks, the owner of the Cafe sent out a message to members today. Read the full text AFTER THE JUMP… below are the sections dealing specifically with the suicide:


…However, truth be told I decided to send this message due to an incident which occurred in our community yesterday.

With the relatively recent arrival of interactive communications many people (especially vulnerable youngsters) have become instantly attracted to the idea that their lives can be made better in the online world as opposed to life at home.
The sad truth is that anyone who is depressed or has emotional issues at home is only bringing their baggage with them to the Internet.

That said, one of our troubled young people chose to post a suicide note here on the Café and on his Facebook page. I understand this same note was also posted on a number of other forums which this young man frequented. Shortly thereafter he did indeed end his own life. Out of respect I’ll not give his name here.

How tragic. My heart goes out to his family and friends.

I was not aware of this incident until late last night. One of my moderators had deleted this members post (and rightfully so) and the information was given to me later via a private message.

Why this youngster chose to end his own life is anyone’s guess and the real answers may truly never be known.

Could anyone here have really made a difference? I doubt it. Many of our Café members knew him personally and did their very best to help this young man who I understand had been troubled for quite some time.

Now, Magic Café members who interacted with him on a daily basis need to remember that we as a community are not to blame for this tragic incident.

This is not the first time we have lost members. Some have passed away due to natural causes, others by sickness or accidents. Life is made of meetings and partings, that is just the way of things.

However, this time was a bit different it seems – this time it was one of our own that chose to end his life and at such a very young age. This time it feels personal.

While I did not have the opportunity to read his last posts I understand that several members responded to his posts in a sarcastic and uncaring manner – how very sad that others would choose to be so unkind.

Perhaps this incident will make folks give pause and think about the words they choose to use. After all, if you do not have anything nice to say, perhaps its better to remain silent? Something to think about me thinks.

Finally, I’ll close now by leaving you to consider these sage words from the philosopher Plato who once said; “Wise men speak because they have something to say; Fools because they have to say something”

Our thoughts and condolences go out to the friends and family of the young man who is tragically not longer with us. iTricks will withhold his name and the text of his suicide note out of respect to them.

Without being naive about the nature of forums, it’s fair to say that even online we are affected by the company we keep. A dialogue that fosters “sarcastic and uncaring” responses to a suicide note might be something you want to think twice about being a part of.

Full text of the note AFTER THE JUMP… (more…)

Shawn Farquhar Answers Questions From the Deck of the New Disney Cruise Ship

Posted by Editor on August 22nd, 2012

Ellusionist put together this cool interview with 2009 FISM Grand Prix winner Shawn Farquhar. It’s a solid Q and A packed with some really good insight into a successful career as the setting provides a constant reminder of where hard work can take you.

When Are We Going To See Paul Harris’ Little Man?

Posted by Editor on April 20th, 2010

He’s tiny, he moves and Paul Harris is his father. But when will we see the must discussed new effect Little Man?

The last word from the horses mouth (via the Paul Harris presents blog) came at the beginning of April and said that finishing touches were being made. According to wholesale powerhouse Murphy’s Magic Supplies, pre-orders are being taken but there is no release date.

The effect itself has been a hot topic for debate for over a year. What do you folks think? Is this the summer Little Man takes his first public steps?

Thanks to Drew for passing this along.

Magic Talk 2.0 Shuttered

Posted by Editor on April 15th, 2010


Sad news from Magic Talk 2.0 as the rebooted discussion forum is again closing down.

As first reported by Magic Newswire, here is the official farewell.

It is with heavy heart that I inform everyone that has been sold by the owner Bryan Toder. I don’t know all of the details except that this site will soon cease to be. As we speak all of the content is being downloaded and archived. Where that content will end up is still in question.

Needless to say that this has been a fun project and I feel like we created a unique community. I for one, have made some great lifelong friends – again.

The message goes on to say that another forum might not be out of the question in the future. We wish everyone involved the best of luck going forward.. Magic Week In Review: 03.21.10 Magic-Con!

Posted by Editor on March 24th, 2010

The Guests:
JB from theory11
R. Paul Wilson
Jason England
Guy Hollingworth
Danny Garcia
Chris Kenner
Bill Kalush

We ask the questions on everyone’s mind after Magic-Con. Is there going to be a Magic-Con 2011? Where is it going to be held? Who is going to be the guest of honor? Did the conference make money? PLUS we answered questions sent in on the theory11 boards from some of the top speakers at the Con. What’s the one book R. Paul Wilson would force you to read? What’s the biggest reaction Chris Kenner has ever received? Does Bill Kalush think the impending singularity will damage magic beyond comprehension?

Trick Shop Magic Find out what is new including great stuff like the Sick by Sean Fields and much, much more.

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Download here Magic Week In Review: 02.14.10

Posted by Editor on February 15th, 2010

The Guest:
Dan Sylvester “The Jester”

What is the legacy of Pat Page? Why is Blackpool such a love/hate subject? What is your favorite illusion and is a 20-year-old arena illusionist ruining the market for older magicians?

Trick Shop Magic Find out what is new including great stuff from John Kennedy, Dave Bendix, Peter Nardi and a classic from Corrinda.

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Just As Quickly As It Came Into Our Lives, Bad Magic Photos Are Gone

Posted by Editor on December 11th, 2009
Blogger_ Blog not found.jpg

It is with a heavy heart that we report Bad Magic is no longer with us. The image above is all that visitors will find. As controversial and button pushing as the site was from the onset, we can imagine pressure from an angry community played a role in the shuttering but it is disappointing. After all, some of those photos were really bad.

Oh well. Thanks to Tim Ellis for the tip.