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Wake Up With Dan Sperry!

Posted by Michael on July 6th, 2017

Here’s a quick effect Dan Sperry recently posted from back stage at a metal club… seems like a great way to wake up on a Thursday morning! Well, at least it sounds like a great idea from here in iTricks Tower Midwest, we don’t actually know how you will take it but we hope you enjoy it. See more of Dan on his official website.

We’ll bring you the Magic Bulletin a little later this morning.

More Magic From Dan Sperry

Posted by Michael on May 15th, 2017

Good to see that Dan Sperry is in a video posting sort of mood lately; here is his latest. You can see more on his YouTube page and his website.

Cigarette Magic With Dan Sperry [Kinda NSFW]

Posted by Michael on April 4th, 2017

First of all: SMOKING IS BAD. Don’t do it. We don’t endorse smoking.
Second of all: CIGARETTE MAGIC IS COOL. We don’t see enough of it.
Third of all: Admitting to the second does not negate the first.
Fourth of all: Thanks to Dan Sperry for this quick look at how fun cigarette magic is… Visit his website!

And, oh yeah, it is a silent act. The only NSFW things is Dan’s shirt…

Turn Up Your Speakers It’s Dan Sperry!

Posted by Michael on August 1st, 2016

A little sleight of hand recently posted by Dan Sperry. There are no words necessary because it is pretty much just pure visual magic for a few patrons of the Cat Club in San Francisco.

You can always see more of Dan over on his official website, as well as check out his tour dates. It looks like he is going to be in my new home city later this year with The Illusionists… let’s hope I am finally moved by then! By the way, he also has a T-shirt sale going on right now.

A Quick Car Vanish From Dan Sperry

Posted by Michael on June 13th, 2016

Dan Sperry pulls off some sweet magic in just a second or two. Two hands in full view, a “see through” screen and pure magic.

Keep up with Dan over on his YouTube page.

Dan Sperry… Gum… What Could Go Wrong?

Posted by Michael on June 2nd, 2016

Dan Sperry is here to encourage you to recycle in his own unique way. Be sure to visit his website for more important lifestyle tips!

About 45 Seconds With Dan Sperry

Posted by Michael on May 11th, 2016

Let’s end the day with a little something from Dan, who seems to be on the wrong end of Sesame Street…

Dan is on tour on his own and with The Illusionists, so don’t forget to check out his site for dates.