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Cyril Floats Above Mumbai Street

Posted by Editor on June 18th, 2012
cyril floating mumbai.jpg

While in India promoting the new Family Vacation series, Cyril floated above a Mumbai street to the wonderment of passers by. Now you might say to yourself, “iTricks, didn’t he do that in Singapore a few weeks back?” and we would say “No, that was Grandma Magi.”

We’re guessing a bad reaction to Indian food kept the matriarch of Cyril’s television family from making the ascension herself.

If Cyril Wasn’t a Magician, What Would He Be?

Posted by Editor on June 15th, 2012

cyril job cooking.jpg

Magic is such a unique field it’s hard to imagine some of the most famous names doing anything else. In an interview with Indian news outlet Rediff, Cyril spilled the beans on how he’d plan on drawing a check if he wasn’t magish-ing for a living.

If you weren’t a magician what profession would you have chosen?

If I wasn’t a magician then I would be a chef because I love food and cooking.

I wouldn’t be a chef for a big restaurant but for a small place where friends can bring their friends, where people can talk and have a good time. My favourite cuisine is Japanese.

We would only go to Cyril’s restaurant if this lovely young lady was working the hostess stand.

A Look at Cyril’s Other “Family” Members

Posted by Editor on June 7th, 2012
Magi-cian in disguise | theSundaily.jpg

Okay, fine, we understand that we maybe got a little carried away about Cyril’s alter-ego Grandma Magi last week. After all, the elderly character in only one third of Takayama’s new series Cyril’s Family Vacation: Hawaii Edition. The other two are Cousin Tiny (above) whom we actually caught in action months ago while they were filming and Uncle Richard (below).

As we write this Family Vacation just wrapped up it’s first airing on AXN. We hope to see some more of it soon…

uncle richard.jpg

Cyril Stops Traffic with Grandma Magi Suspension

Posted by Editor on June 1st, 2012

Okay, we’ll admit it, we are obsessed with Grandma Magi. The octogenarian alter-ego of Cyril Takayama who will make her debut during the upcoming Cyril’s Family Vacation Hawaii Edition series made yet another publicity stop, this time levitating over a busy intersection.

Grandma. Magi.

Cyril’s Insane Grandma Magi Character Does Press

Posted by Editor on May 31st, 2012

We previously brought you pictures of Cyril all dolled up in his Grandma Magi character costume doing magic. Here is video from that press hit.

Still speechless. Can’t process what this series is going to be like.

Meanwhile, Cyril discussed the project with Asia One.

So, after being stuck with one another for six weeks, who is your favourite family member?

(Laughs) Each of my family members is unique and has his or her own merit.

Grandma Magi is loved by everyone. She’s the matriarch. She’s the queen bee.

She helps me connect with the family in a way that I wasn’t able to in the past.

She has to be my favourite.

Cyril’s Family Vacation airs on AXN next Thursday.

Oh My: Cyril Cross Dressing as an Old Woman

Posted by Editor on May 25th, 2012

Cyril Takayama - Magic is Everywhere! - Cyril Takayama – Magic is Everywhere!.jpg

Sweet mother of god…

We talk to producer Enrico de la Vega about Cyril’s new special shot in Hawaii. He said it was different. We’d seen proof of Cyril in costume.

And yet, we were still unprepared for the photo above. Cyril in full Madea mode.

This might be the most insane magic special produced for a mainstream audience in the history of television.

Cyril Takayama - Magic is Everywhere! - Cyril Takayama – Magic is Everywhere!-1.jpg

Is this Cyril Levitating in Hawaii? Why is He in Costume?

Posted by Editor on January 23rd, 2012
@CyrilOnline (Cyril Takayama) Floating Up A Tree @RoyalHwnCtr - YouTube.jpg

We do know that Cyril is currently in Hawaii filming a new series, Cyril’s Family Vacation. What we don’t know is why he is in costume, wearing what looks to be a fat suit, suspended with only one arm to a tree as he interacts with a crowd of slack-jawed onlookers.

What the hell is going on in Hawaii?

There is no debut date yet for Family Vacation, but it will be debuting on the AXN Network.