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First Look: Criss Angel BeLIEve Spike Series Trailer

Posted by Editor on September 4th, 2013

Criss Angel Prepares for 5th Anniversary of Believe

Posted by Editor on July 10th, 2013


Criss Angel Believe at the Luxor will turn five this Halloween as the star of the show completed over 2,000 shows last weekend.

And it almost didn’t happen.

However, at Saturday’s 2,001st and 2,002nd shows, he came perilously close; it took a helicopter flight from Phoenix where he was filming his new Spike TV series to have get him onstage with just minutes to spare before the curtain rose.

VIPs helping him celebrate the 2,000th show included comedian Carlos Mencia, at the show for the second time, and LeBron James’ fiancee, Savannah Brinson, in town with 16 girlfriends for a bachelorette party.

There are few shows as discussed as Believe. The show and it’s namesake have demonstrated tremendous resolve in the face of vitriolic criticism.

Five years would mark the halfway point for Criss’ ten year contract with Cirque. Angel has promised new illusions will debut at the anniversary show in October.

Criss Angel to Vanish 40 Tons of Elephants in Springfield, MO

Posted by Editor on July 1st, 2013


As we speak, Criss Angel is set to vanish 40 tons of elephants at JQH Arena on the Missouri State University campus.

According to the JQH Facebook, here are the details:

“Criss Angel the biggest magician on the planet will attempt a vanish of enormous proportions. Taking place in front of a live audience at Missouri State University, Criss Angel will attempt to vanish over 40 tons of Shrine Elephants. Impossible conditions set the stage as Criss Angel attempts to become the first ever to successfully complete a vanish of such epic scale. Don’t miss the chance to see it live and witness history in the making.”

The stunt will be filmed for his Spike series BeLIEve, set to air this fall.

Angel’s Next Stunt: Escaping Over a Pit of Alligators

Posted by Editor on May 23rd, 2013


Maybe a change of scenery can bring a little luck to the Criss Angel BeLIEve crew.

CA will head to Florida for an demonstration entitled: Trapeze Alligator Escape. It is described thusly:

Criss will be shackled over an alligator swamp with more than 250 vicious alligators circling below. He will be covered in blood and chum and locked in a stockade device that no other magician has ever successfully escaped. If Criss cannot escape, he will be eaten alive. Criss will have to escape the locks that hold his neck and hands in the stockade which will cause him to fall closer to the alligators. He will then have to free his ankles before a hungry gator gets to him.

The stunt takes place Tuesday at 1 p.m. and is free to the public. You’ll have to head down to the Everglades Alligator Farm in Homestead.

Criss Angel Cancels Demonstration Amid Crowd Concerns, Questions

Posted by Editor on May 23rd, 2013


Man, Criss Angel can’t catch a break.

After his Fremont Street demonstration suffered technical difficulties, Angel seemed to get back on track with his blindfolded walk last week Angel had to cancel his blindfold walk due to high winds. But yesterday he again hit rough waters after his Cement Grave demonstration was cancelled.

Why it was cancelled is a matter of debate. After all, what isn’t with Angel.

Criss says it was busted up by the local police who were not prepared for the 10,000 larger than expected Loyal who showed up to see Angel in action.

We initially reported that Angel said there were 10,000 Loyals in attendance, he only retweeted Nathan Burton who estimated the crowd size. It is now corrected.

Meanwhile, several onlookers who were on hand for the event have independently contacted iTricks to say that there were no more than a few hundred.

If the police did break up the stunt due to a lack of access for emergency vehicles to the Mirage, it really doesn’t matter if the number of fans were closer to 1,000 than 10,000. If they are blocking the appropriate routes, things will get shut down.

What we are seeing is the messy, imperfect business television. For Angel, it’s even more complicated. He’s as big a name as magic has right now so therefore he will be a draw for lay people which is a blessing and a curse for a production. And in our tiny niche, there is an undeniable cadre of magicians scrutinizing his every public move.

All that matter for Angel is he gets the shots he needs to make the show look good. If BeLIEve is a hit on Spike, all of this will be a distant memory.

Description, Location Released for Criss Angel Filming this Week

Posted by Editor on May 15th, 2013


Criss Angel will film a new segment for his Spike series on Friday across the street from his theatrical home at the Luxor.

This Friday at Festival Park opposite the Luxor, he takes his frightening risks even farther. His eyes and face will be duct taped. He will be hoisted five to 10 stories high and walk from one side of an I-Beam to the other, but he must avoid a 2-foot break in it, which would plunge him to his death if he fell.

No word yet on a time.

Criss Angel, Spike Executives Fire Back at Sword Illusion Critics

Posted by Editor on May 15th, 2013

lord or illusions criss angel jan rouven.jpg

Criss Angel continues his filming for his Spike series BeLIEve, but even as he prepares for a public illusion this week he is still firing back about criticism over a demonstration last week.

In a statement released through Robin Leach, sources described as “Top Spike executives” take direct aim at (without naming) Jan Rouven. It had been reported by the Las Vegas Review-Journal that Angel sword illusion was similar to Rouven’s routine.

Criss is the only magician to whom Clive has given his permission and blessing to re-create this demonstration, and no one else should be performing it without Mr. Barker’s permission.

Las Vegas writer Rick Lax wrote in the comments on a previous iTricks post that Rouven and his creative team say they were unaware of the film when they created their sword illusion.

Criss himself addressed the matter later in the article.

The demonstration I undertook to re-create was in a movie from 1995 that shows this very illusion. To say I stole it is absolutely crazy when I had the permission to bring it to life from the original movie.

As for what looked to be a technical error captured in a video Lax released? Angel says it was just the way the effect was filmed for television.

We built up the drama of the demonstration especially for television, so immediately some critics said I was screwing up and getting it wrong. But it was designed that way, and they don’t understand television nor are they appearing on it. We had to have the tease and the excitement before the commercial break before the final 6 minutes of the falling swords.

From my vantage point, these are two sides that will not be reconciled. In general, the “magic police” investigation into who owned what and when they obtained permission for it is a fruitless pursuit that inflames more than it solves. That won’t stop magicians criticizing the every move of a highly visible magician, simply because there is much more of his act out in the open. It’s a natural part of the game and one that I would argue can be healthy expression if understood in the proper context.

Oh well. With the bulk of his Spike filming ahead of him Angel has a lot to worry about beyond magic’s nattering class of myself, his peers and the press.