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The Real Hustle Takes On A Con

Posted by Michael on October 19th, 2021

This clip was only recently posted by the official Real Hustle YouTube page and features a classic con which relies on sleight of hand.

NPH on AHS, Murray, Ponzi Schemes And More [Magic Bulletin]

Posted by Michael on October 31st, 2014

It’s the Halloween Magic Bulletin, kicking off with this footage of Greg Gleason cutting WXIN’s Angela Ganote in half. I think my favorite part is the weatherman running out for a selfie… Greg is part of the Masters of Illusion tour that is making its way across North America. More info on that here.

International Business Times reports that not only will Neil Patrick Harris make an appearance on the new season of American Horror Story, husband David Burtka will have a role as well.

Another magician is in legal trouble, according to the brokerage news site which reports nursing home magician Paul Burks has been indicted over accusations that his penny auction site is actually a Ponzi scheme.

The Las Vegas Sun’s John Katsilometes (a name I now can spell by heart) was reporting on Murray SawChuck’s final show at the Trop and mentioned that he showed clips from his new pilot Have Magic, Will Travel. Still no word on Murray’s new venue…

Tennessee’s Teen Magician, Illusionists 2.0 Review And More [Magic Bulletin]

Posted by Michael on September 3rd, 2014

First up is video from The Tennessean introducing Daniel Torres. He is a 14 year old magician from Nashville mentored by Stephen Bargatze. You can read more about him (Daniel, not Stephen) here.

According to The Murray Mail, magician Lawson Reeves is heading to the Australian version of Big Brother.

As reported yesterday, The Illusionists 2.0 has opened in New Zealand and that country’s version of Stuff has posted a positive, but short, review. Check it out here.

Speaking of reviews, The Village Voice has mainly good things to say about Thunder and The House of Magic, the 3D animated tale of a stray cat who joins a magician’s company. It opens in limited release Friday and hits Blu-Ray on the 30th in the US.

Justin Flom is scheduled to join The Today Show’s Hoda and Kathie Lee this Friday morning (and their segment is also repeated late nights in many markets). Check your local listings for times.

Finally, in the “I ain’t making this up” category, there is a different kind of magician in Santa Cruz, California. A shoplifter caught on tape in the act has been dubbed “El Mustachio the Magician” by local authorities. According to the Santa Cruz police blog, they will even give anyone supplying information that helps capture the thief a mustache emblazoned pint glass as a reward.

Charity, Crime And Conventions [Magic Bulletin]

Posted by Michael on July 16th, 2014

First up is a little bit from Harris III before his recent accident. iTricks hopes you are healing and feeling better, Harris!

Toronto based Mark Correia is just over a week into his two week stint in a straitjacket, which will culminate in a live escape attempt on morning television. The stunt is to benefit the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research and is going well. Mark has figured out how to do many things while bound… but not bathe. If you want the real dirt on the stunt, check out the coverage on Yahoo Canada.

A couple of disturbing stories out of England. First, The Mail Online brings us the story of magician turned would be thief Curtis Watson, who skipped out to Spain after being convicted of attempted robbery. He was finally nabbed and brought back to serve his sentence. The Lancashire Evening Post reports that magician Nigel Hardman was convicted on charges related to child pornography and will be sentenced August 1. He was not initially suspected of a crime; in fact, he was assisting police by providing them with images of a suspected drug deal taken by his home security camera but the flash drive he gave officers contained an indecent image. An investigation turned up dozens of more images.

Finally, to end on a brighter note, the South African Magical Society is hosting its national convention this weekend in Umbilo. The event will include two public shows and you can read more about it on the SAMS website. The group, which was founded almost 100 years ago, holds a national convention every four years.

Software Magician, Technology And More [Magic Bulletin]

Posted by Michael on April 16th, 2014

The video above is from last weekend’s PAX East 2014. It features Gearbox Software CEO Randy Pitchford doing a little magic he stole from Penn and Teller. If you don’t know Gearbox, they are the good folks behind the Borderlands and Brothers-In-Arms video game series. Before Randy became a big deal game developer and software company CEO, he was a magician.

Speaking of magic and technology, Deutsche Welle has a new article on the relationship between magic and technology with quotes from Kieron Kirkland and the iPad magician Simon Pierro. It also talks about a device using the ideomotor response to “read minds” which is being developed with the help of magician Stuart Nolan.

Congratulations to magician Michael Kent who has just been named the 2014 Readers’ Choice Entertainer of the Year by Campus Activities Magazine and Magician of the Year by the Association for the Promotion of Campus Activities.

Magic in the Philadelphia area has again been rocked with accusations that a magician has had inappropriate contact with a child. reported yesterday that Joseph Grasso, owner of Grasso’s Magic Theater and father of magician Michael Grasso, has been charged with molesting a 13 year old girl who had been living in his home.

In better local news, the Orlando Weekly just ran a feature on three locals reviving magic in the region. Featured in the piece are Drew Thomas, Kardenni and Nick Paul.

Philadelphia Magazine Uncovers Dangerous Magician

Posted by Michael on March 25th, 2014

Victor Fiorillo, of Philadelphia Magazine, broke a story last week about a registered sex offender performing children’s magic shows. He reported that Jeffrey Leach, working under the name Jeff Carson, has been advertising his services as a kids’ show magician. Leach is a registered sex offender who plead guilty to a charge of aggravated sexual contact with a minor in 2009. Fiorillo was able to confirm that Leach has performed for at least one area library and was barred from performing at Philadelphia’s Academy of Natural Sciences. Prior to publishing the story, “Jeff Carson” was contacted to inquire about performing for a group of 5 to 12 year old children and confirmed his availability (and $250/hour fee).

During the course of his investigation for the story, Fiorillo found that at least one high profile client listed on Jeffrey Leach’s website (as Jeff Carson) claimed to have never used his services. The Jeff Carson website has since been taken down. Authorities in the New Jersey county where Leach resides were notified by the magazine.

In the days since Fiorillo’s Philadelphia Magazine article was released, reporters Emily Babay and Alex Wigglesworth have found that the terms of Leach’s probation do not actually bar him from performing for children. However, his probation is scheduled to end in just a few weeks and he will instead be on parole. When this happens it will come with new terms which may be more restrictive. The pair also uncovered additional names used by Leach when performing and details of his arrests.

Wes Barker Sans Clothes (Again), AC Gilbert and More [Magic Bulletin]

Posted by Michael on February 14th, 2014

Wes Barker is back again but his clothes are not (again). Still, this is a fun take on the old World’s Greatest Magic Max Maven bits.

Sadly, Filipino TV personality, comic and magician Jeffrey Tam’s father was recently murdered in Lucena City, Philippines. According to an report, a suspect has been arrested.

The Gannet Company website carried an interesting piece recently on A.C. Gilbert, the man behind Mysto Magic Sets, Erector Sets and Olympic gold medalist.