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Masters Of Magic 2019

Posted by Michael on April 24th, 2019

Registration is now open for this year’s Masters of Magic Convention in Torino, Italy. Okay, we realize many iTricksters probably can’t make the trip and this is a sample of what you are missing! And if you CAN make the trip, well, this is what you can look forward to in Torino.

Magic At Planet Comic-Con

Posted by Michael on April 2nd, 2019

From Youtube account Dad – Son comes this video of an unidentified magician at Planet Comic-Con, an annual pop culture convention in Kansas City. It is not the greatest quality but it is cool to see the IBM banner out there and just goes to show that magic could (and should) be everywhere!

Chris Webb’s Look At Blackpool

Posted by Michael on February 23rd, 2019

We are going to close out the week with a couple videos from Blackpool. There are many very good videos out there, but several are 30 minutes or more in length! We can’t re-post them here, but if you are stuck inside thanks to weather this weekend, poke around YouTube for yourself.

This first guided tour of the Blackpool Magic Convention comes from Chris Webb.

Aleksandr Zamashka’s Trip To Blackpool

Posted by Michael on February 22nd, 2019

Our last look at Blackpool comes from Estonian magician Aleksandr Zamashka. Enjoy!

It is shaping up to be another cold weekend lots of places and the flu is going around too. Have a great weekend, but stay safe, stay warm and stay healthy!

Cavan Booth’s Trip To Blackpool 2019

Posted by Michael on February 21st, 2019

Another look at Blackpool 2019, this time from Cavan Booth.

5 Minutes Of Blackpool

Posted by Michael on February 20th, 2019

YouTuber Daniel Rhodes posted this five minute look at his trip to the 2019 Blackpool Magic Convention… we’ll try to find some more Blackpool highlights as the week goes on!

Blackpool Magic Convention 2019 Starts Today

Posted by Michael on February 15th, 2019

The 2019 edition of the Blackpool Magic Convention kicked off today… and if you are reading this you probably are not there either! Actually, when y’all read this I will probably be stuck in an airport trying really hard to get home (before leaving again on Sunday). Here’s a look at a past Blackpool dealers’ room from YouTuber Carl De Rome. Hopefully, there will be some great new videos from Blackpool 2019 posted over the weekend.

Speaking of the weekend, y’all have a great (and safe) one.