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Peter Morrison: Silicon Valley Magician

Posted by Editor on June 9th, 2008


In honor of a little event going in the Bay Area today, which may or may not immediately put the official iTricks iPhone on sale to the highest bidder, we have story about fooling people in the tech industry.

Peter Morrison has made his bones over the last few years doing close-up for the big wigs of Silicon Valley, and there is a reason he enjoys his work…

“I love the geniuses,” he said. “Because here they believe they’re not going to be stumped, and then they suddenly have no idea what just happened.”

He makes no mention of any work for a certain company at 1 Infinite Loop in Cupertino, we suspect it’s because El Jobso can’t stand the “busy” layout of playing cards.

iTricks Magic Week in Review 05.04.08

Posted by Editor on May 5th, 2008

Special guest: Jeff McBride

Jeff McBride discusses David Blaine’s new record, the next Vegas star and has some harsh words for the most recent celebrity cut from Celebracadabra.
Tyler Wilson
French Bred Winners by Etienne Pradier
Pure Magic: A Performance of Contemporary Conjuring by Eric DeCamps

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iTricks Magic Week in Review 04.27.08

Posted by Editor on April 28th, 2008

Special guest: Murray SawChuck

Murray talks about the debut of Celebracadabra as well as the week’s worth of magic news including David Blaine’s new stunt and David Letterman’s Magic Week.
Tyler Wilson
Tear Down by Andrew Mayne

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Wynn Deck Mania Sweeps Internet

Posted by Editor on January 25th, 2008

Wynn Decks

As TheCuso mentioned on his blog not too long ago, rumor has it that Bee recently lost their contract to print cards for the Wynn Casino. If that is true or not, we don’t know, what we have noticed is that there happens to be an influx of those decks available on the internet recently and there are a few ways that folks can get their hands on them.

First, TheCuso is holding a contest for all of you flourish junkies out there. He will dole out a boat load of these cards to the folks who with the best photos of their card manipulation. Check out the full rules at his site, the contest ends February 29th. All our welcome to apply.

Good luck to all who apply.

Secondly, you can get your hands on them the old fashioned way and buy them. Theory 11 is selling them for 11 minutes beginning tonight at 11 p.m. EST. It surely seems like a tight window to buy them, but T11 is also marking the occasion with the release of Wayne Houchin’s Control (which by the way has it’s own contest) and a digital download featuring Chris Kenner.

It’s Wynn Fever, catch it!

Young UK Magicians Gather To Celebrate Noel Qualter’s Birthday

Posted by Editor on January 10th, 2008

 Images Uploads Img 0057

Our buddy Andi Gladwin joined street sensation Dynamo along with several other names of note (including Tom Rose, Brenden Patricks and Benjamin Earl) to celebrate Noel Qualter’s birthday with a few celebratory pints. Revelry included nearly breaking the stones of Italian close-up worker before thinking letting their consciences get the better of them. What good hearted lads.

Happy birthday to Noel from all at iTricks.

Thanks to iTricks reader Andrew Webb for the tip.

Magic Manufacturer Fun Inc. Makes Vomit

Posted by Editor on December 15th, 2007

Fun Inc.

In fact, they’re so prolific at producing realistic latex barf that The Chicago Tribune decided to write a story about them. Check out this description of the “laff” inducing joke up-chuck.

Set your eyes on Fun Inc.’s 5-inch disc of latex and colored foam, marketed as “Whoops — The Most Disgusting Laff Getter,” and savor the realism: It is amber-colored and translucent, with tiny bubbles. The texture is soft and sturdy, pliable and complex, with ridges of multihued solid chunks looking like a jagged lunar landscape. It is, the package suggests, perfect for the bathroom, refrigerator, auto seat or sidewalk. And what other fake vomit comes with this suggestion: “Sprinkle with water to make it look more realistic”?

There are sometimes when you kind of wish “show don’t tell” wasn’t the mantra of any good writer.

In the time that Fun Inc. isn’t churning out faux puke they are pushing magic tricks and supplies, check out their selection including the cheeky 21st Century Bra Trick here.

iTricks Roundup: The International Magic Convention That Was

Posted by Editor on November 26th, 2007
International Magic Convention

Our friends across the pond at Naquada, have a very comprehensive wrap-up of the International Magic Convention that took place in the UK over the last few days. Hear all about a rousing game of Magician Bingo and get a summary of the lectures including Anthony Owen, Dynamo and Francis Menotti, not to mention the winners of the competitions.

However, he keeps the most important information for last…

The only downside of the weekend was the sheer number of Magicians in the UK now with iPhones, Andi Gladwin, Derren Brown, and others, all having geekiness over myself!!

To think, the likes of Andi and Derren touching actual buttons.

• Of course, don’t forget Opus Magazine’s coverage of the event as well.

• Speaking of the recently iPhone’d Andi Gladwin, he’s officially released the roster for his Session ’08 convention and added Aaron Fisher to the mix.

• Penn and Teller have a new poker chip commemorating their five years at the Rio Casino.