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Magic Week in Review 07.20.08

Posted by Editor on July 20th, 2008

Special guests: Eric DeCamps… LIVE

You’ve heard him on the phone. You’ve heard him with Bob Fitch. But you’ve never heard Eric DeCamps on the Magic Week in Review… live in studio. DeCamps makes his first visit to iTricks HQ and talks about David Blaine’s new special, if the modern magic movie era is over and the death of Jason Scott.

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Bad Review Lawsuit Dismissed

Posted by Editor on July 15th, 2008


Bill Nagler’s lawsuit against Magic Magazine writer Brad Henderson for a negative review of his effect “Any Card at Any Number” has been dismissed from a Michigan court. Nagler had sought $100,000 in damages according the Detroit Free Press.

Judge Bernard Friedman ruled as follows…

…the review was Henderson’s opinion, not defamation, and was thus protected by the Constitution.

No word yet on if Nagler plans any future legals action on the case.

Thanks to reader Brian for the tip.

PHOTO CREDIT: bloomsberries

Magic Week in Review 07.13.08

Posted by Editor on July 14th, 2008

Special guests: Paul Romhany

Paul joins us from Shediac, Nova Scotia to talk about the rare opportunities of watching live magic television, when to book a show on a holiday and much more.

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Eh, Anders Did It Better

Posted by Editor on July 11th, 2008

Surely by now you’ve seen the clip of a few Japanese scamps allegedly popping pop corn with their cell phones? Turns out the clip was a bit of viral marketing for a bluetooth headset company, and since we can’t remember their names, we wouldn’t feel comfortable calling it all that successful.

Anyhow, anything they can do, our buddy Anders Moden can do better. He sent us the clip above today. Now imagine how fast that kernel would pop if it had blazing 3G speeds, GPS in your pocket and the world’s best iPod functionality?

A Tour Around The Magic Circle HQ

Posted by Editor on July 7th, 2008


In what we assume is a regular feature in London paper The Metro, Jennifer Cox attempts to join various clubs of differing degrees of exclusivity. This week, she wanders around the head quarters of The Magic Circle.

The walk through is pretty much what you’d expect but one bit that really deserved expanding were her impressions of a nervous applicant as they ready themselves for their audition.

And in the Devant Room, three young magicians are taking their magic exams. Judged on appearance, personality, showmanship and technical ability, this is a tough gig – and the first would-be magician nervously drops his pack of cards on the floor. Magician of 60 years, Jack Devlin grimaces sympathetically: ‘Fifty per cent fail this exam’ he tells me.

Read the entire article here.

Magic Week in Review 06.29.08

Posted by Editor on July 1st, 2008

Special guests: John Sturk, Tomas Medina and Gabe Fajuri of Fun Inc.

It’s another four man team as the boys from the Windy City of Chicago help us parse through rumors of Derren Brown’s second Sci Fi season, The Pendragons chances on America’s Got Talent and ways Criss Angel can make his building implosion something special.

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iTricks Magic Week in Review podcast 06.08.08

Posted by Editor on June 9th, 2008

Special guest: Kostya Kimlat

Our 2007 Trick of the Year finalist makes his Magic Week in Review debut and talks about women in magic, what annoys him about lay people and why one UK shop owner now has the coolest demo in the world now that the government has banned it from being performed indoors. He also give listeners a special deal on his Roadrunner Cull DVD.
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