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iTricks Magic Stars Podcast 05.06.10

Posted by Editor on May 7th, 2010

We recap Magic Vs. Science week for the last time. David Copperfield makes first comments to press about legal issues. What is Keith Barry’s Discovery series about?


Newsmaker Interview: The New Host Of The iTricks Clinic the iTricks Clinic is back! The first show will be May 17th! Listen to hear the first big guest!

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. Magic Week In Review: 03.21.10 Magic-Con!

Posted by Editor on March 24th, 2010

The Guests:
JB from theory11
R. Paul Wilson
Jason England
Guy Hollingworth
Danny Garcia
Chris Kenner
Bill Kalush

We ask the questions on everyone’s mind after Magic-Con. Is there going to be a Magic-Con 2011? Where is it going to be held? Who is going to be the guest of honor? Did the conference make money? PLUS we answered questions sent in on the theory11 boards from some of the top speakers at the Con. What’s the one book R. Paul Wilson would force you to read? What’s the biggest reaction Chris Kenner has ever received? Does Bill Kalush think the impending singularity will damage magic beyond comprehension?

Trick Shop Magic Find out what is new including great stuff like the Sick by Sean Fields and much, much more.

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iTricks Magic Stars Podcast 03.11.10

Posted by Editor on March 11th, 2010

We have a resolution in the Pendragon case. Steve Cohen blows the mind of a New York Times reporter. David Blaine helps out the Marriage Ref.

And as always, your David Copperfield tour dates.

Newsmaker Interview: Mike Weatherford the author of the Las Vegas Review-Journals front page story about the backstage happening surrounding the Scarlett’s Las Vegas shows. It’s a must read and a must listen interview for all the behind-the-scenes details that didn’t make it to print. Read the story here.


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. Magic Week In Review: 03.07.10

Posted by Editor on March 9th, 2010

The Guest:
Jonathan Bayme

How did David Blaine get booked as a last-minute guest for Magic-Con. We preview that convention and explain how you can experience it on iTricks if you are not going. Also, listen to Ludacris’ Criss Angel inspired song Mindfreak and much more.

As mentioned in the podcast, to submit a question for David Blaine to answer at Magic-Con, use the submission form HERE on the Magic-Con site

Trick Shop Magic Find out what is new including great stuff from Matt Scone, Mark Elsdon & the classic Tarbell for a new low price.

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The Buck Twins Go To Lazy Town

Posted by Editor on March 2nd, 2010

iTricks.TV » Super moves with the buck twins.jpgMost weekdays we have one of our iTricks.TV Staff members select one of the recently uploaded videos, post it here on the front page and explain why it’s awesome.

Click the thumbnail to see today’s video amongst the luxurious number of other magic clips.

Today, the staff member is Jack and the video is iTricks.TV-1.jpgLazy Town Flourish

“Today iTricks brings you what could possibly be the weirdest flourishing video of all time. It is both Dan and Dave Buck on the children’s TV show “Lazy Town” . They play the main character Sportacus and make it seem like he is doing some crazy card flourishes. Need proof that those were really the Buck Twins? Well here is it.”

This video is only one of nearly 2,000 available at the newly revamped iTricks.TV.

iTricks Magic Stars Podcast 02.11.10

Posted by Editor on February 12th, 2010

Jon Heder plays a magician and demonstrates a few tricks for a reviewer. Penn Says gets a DVD release. Penn slams Obama. Derren Brown gets nominated for his second Olivier.

And as always, your David Copperfield tour dates.

Newsmaker Interview: Marcus Eddie he is the co-star of the new theory11 DVD Five with Danny Garcia. Hear about how the project came together and what is next.


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DAN&DAVE Present: BeeĀ® Erdnase Playing Cards

Posted by Editor on February 3rd, 2010

The Bee® Erdnase Playing Cards were inspired by the original publication of The Expert at the Card Table, often referred to as “Erdnase”. Printed by the US Playing Card Company on a premium Aristocrat stock using the traditional casino Bee® back design with an added white border. The producer of these cards used the same color green as the first edition, as well as incorporated the look and feel of the book into every detail of these cards. With a box that mimics the cover, an elegant back design, custom jokers and Ace of Spades, and two ad cards with a reprinted title page and Preface, these cards beautifully pay homage to what many consider the “Bible” of card technique.

Because we are unsure where these cards came from as they were obtained from an anonymous seller, we can’t say how long they will be available for or how many there actually are. We simply don’t know. was only able to obtain a limited amount and they do expect to sell out this month.

Exclusively available at while supplies last.