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Seth Dreams Shows Off Branson Brick And Mortar Magic

Posted by Michael on January 3rd, 2019

Seth Dreams takes viewers on a tour of Branson’s brick and mortar magic shop It’s Magic Jokes and Novelties. We read a couple of years ago around this time that in the year before for the first time since the 1960′s there were more drive in movie theaters than the year before….We love the brick and mortars here at iTricks and maybe 2019 can be the year that has more magic shops in December than it did in January!

Rick Thomas On The Andy Williams PAC

Posted by Michael on March 25th, 2016

You know, it is spring break for many kids across the country… and it might be time to start planning out your summer vacation. If you are thinking about Branson, check out this video from Branson’s YouTube channel. It is a profile of the Andy Williams Performing Arts Center hosted by Bambi Van Burch and featuring Rick Thomas, who is a featured act at the venue.