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Vintage Footage: Banachek’s 1992 Buried Alive Stunt in Japan

Posted by Editor on July 20th, 2012
Banachek Buried alive on Japanese TV on Aug 4, 1992 - YouTube.png

If you don’t speak Japanese then you’re not going to understand a lot of the commentary but even 20 years later the gravitas of Banachek burying himself alive translates in any language.


Banachek Baffles by Predicting Front Page of the Toronto Star

Posted by Editor on June 11th, 2012
Toronto News_ Luminato_ Mentalist Banachek predicts Star front page 10 days in advance -

Now this is how you get publicity.

Banachek revealed his June 1st prediction of Saturday’s Toronto Star front page over the weekend. He nailed the biggest stories including race horse I’ll Have Another pulling out of the Belmont stakes and Toronto’s surprise 2024 bid for the Winter Olympics. He even pinned down a few feature stories for good measure.

On June 1, at a public event held at Kiehl’s — a makeup store and, perhaps fittingly, Banachek’s partner-in-illusion — the prediction was folded, taped, and put in numerous envelopes. Customer Diedra Wandel even sealed and signed every envelope that day, eventually placing the package in a glass box in the store’s window, where it supposedly sat untouched for more than a week.

The stunt was reported most visibly by… you guessed it… The Toronto Star. All of which pointed out that his show The Alpha Project was playing at the Luminato festival later that night.

Excellent public demonstration mentalism played to maximum reaction. Well played, good sir.

Credit to Dodd at Magic Newswire where we first saw this.

Banachek, James Randi Bring You Behind The Scenes Of $1 Million Psychic Challenge

Posted by Editor on August 21st, 2011

Magic/Skepticism legends James Randi and Banachek show how the $1 Million challenge for scientifically verified proof of paranormal phenomenon or abilities is conducted on the most recent addition of ABC’s Night Line.

Click AFTER THE JUMP for the rest of the special. Hat tip to Dodd at Magic Newswire for finding this. (more…)

Banachek Takes Reigns Of James Randi Million Dollar Challenge

Posted by Editor on July 14th, 2010


It was announced at The Amazing Meeting in Las Vegas last week that Banachek will take control of the James Randi Educational Foundation’s Million Dollar Challenge which offers the big money bounty to anyone who can reproduce psychic or supernatural phenomenon under scientific test conditions. In our humble opinion, this is very much for the best and we congratulate Banachek and the JREF.

In the interest of full disclosure, the publisher of this site once held the role that Banachek has now assumed and the editor of iTricks was once and intern at the JREF. Magic Week in Review: 10.04.09

Posted by Editor on October 6th, 2009

The Guest:
Chris Mayhew

How should Derren Brown handle the “magic fail” label? Would you work at Todd Robbins’ Fun House? Is a network TV tame Barry and Stuart the Barry and Stuart we want to see? How do momentary lapses in memory help a magician make their living?

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iTricks Magic Stars Podcast 07.30.09

Posted by Editor on July 31st, 2009

Why was Nathan Burton missing from America’s Got Talent? We have the whole story. Is Daniel Madison leaving magic? MUCH MORE


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Banachek Rocks Martin Sargent

Posted by Editor on July 21st, 2009

iTricks.TV » Banachek gives Martin Sargeant Religion.jpgMost weekdays we have one of our iTricks.TV Staff members select one of the recently uploaded videos, post it here on the front page and explain why it’s awesome.

Click the thumbnail to see today’s video amongst the luxurious number of other magic clips.

Today, the staff member is Dezrah and the video is iTricks.TV-1.jpg Banachek Rocks Martin Sargent

“Here’s an oldie but goodie in honor of the upcoming release of Banachek’s “Psychological Subtleties 3″. Banachek visits the set of Martin Sargeant’s “Unscrewed” from Tech TV and reads co-host Laura Swisher’s mind.”

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