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David Kwong’s How Illusions Work

Posted by Michael on August 3rd, 2017

David Kwong explains everything you need to know about how illusions work for Wired Magazine.

The pilot of Deception, the magic influenced crime procedural David co-wrote and co-produced, was shown at Comic-Con last month and IGN reviewed it here. Given Chris Fedak (Chuck) is involved and there is magic I have high hopes!

Alchemy Insiders’ 2017 IBM-SAM Highlights

Posted by Michael on July 24th, 2017

Alchemy Insiders producers magic effects; you can visit their site here. They just posted their 3 minute summary of their time at the 2017 combined convention… just a little tease for all of us that couldn’t make it!

We’ve mentioned the combined convention a great deal the past few days. We should probably mention the two groups behind it. Find more information about the Society of American Magicians on their site and on the International Brotherhood of Magicians on their site

Awesome Magic Treehouse!

Posted by Michael on June 30th, 2017

Matt Dunn is a magician and haunted house creator, but Minneapolis-St Paul’s local Fox affiliate dropped by to play in his awesome treehouse!

LaSalle High School Spotlights Alum Homer Liwag

Posted by Michael on June 29th, 2017

Part one of a LaSalle spotlight on Homer Liwag, a member of the Class of 1986 and advisor to David Copperfield. You can find part two on the LaSalle Vimeo page and more on Homer at his website.

JCR Magic Marks 25th Anniversary!

Posted by Michael on June 29th, 2017

Long live the brick and mortar magic shops! San Antonio’s JCR Magic just celebrated 25 years, as reported by Fox 29 News last week.

Congratulations to owner Julio Ramirez Jr, his family and all of the customers of JCR!

Keelan Wendorf’s First Arena Show

Posted by Michael on June 16th, 2017

We’ve posted a few of Keelan Wendorf’s vlogs in the past, but he is pretty excited in his new one and it is easy to understand why. Keelan’s heading to Danville, IL for his first arena show opening for friend of iTricks Reza! Congratulations, Keelan, that is a real milestone in your career.

You can see more of Keelan over on his official website.

Jaquet-Droz Automaton Workshop

Posted by Michael on June 9th, 2017

It has been a big Video Friday with lots of different magic, but mentioning the upcoming giant robot fight got us thinking about how closely magic was once tied to automatons, which are kind of the first robots. Here is a a feature on the automaton work of Jaquet-Droz, a 18th century watchmaker, from The Watches (because watchmakers often doubled as automaton and magic prop designers/builders).

Enjoy and have a great (and of course safe) weekend!