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Whitney Whetstone On Being A Magician’s Assistant

Posted by Michael on November 19th, 2020

YouTuber Whitney Whetstone, aka Ms. Whitney, teaches design and build projects for younger elementary school kids on her page but in one of her videos she discussed being the box office manager and magician’s assistant at Monday Night Magic.

Jeki Yoo Is Here To Lighten Your Day

Posted by Michael on November 4th, 2020

Since today could be a trying day for many folks we are going to end with the latest from Jeki Yoo… and we suggest y’all check out his YouTube page because he is constantly posting short, fun bits.

Ryne Strom’s Halloween Series

Posted by Michael on October 30th, 2020

Ryne Strom has been putting out Halloween magic every Friday this past month, starting with this video “The Copycat.” You can see the full series on his YouTube page.

New Magic Podcast!

Posted by Michael on October 9th, 2020

Keep up with your favorite stage illusionists with the new podcast Illusionist Interrogations. There is not an actual link for it so we are guessing you and check back in at the TravisTy YouTube page.

Matthew Laslo’s Drive In Magic

Posted by Michael on October 8th, 2020

King 5 coverage of Matthew Laslo’s drive in magic show late last month… not sure how I missed this but today is turning into a drive-in themed day!

Dheeraj Shah’s Cinematic Cardistry

Posted by Michael on October 6th, 2020

Sometimes I get asked why iTricks does not feature more cardistry videos… and the honest truth is that I am just not a huge fan of it. But, it is visual and it has the advantage of cutting through language and cultural barriers so enjoy this performance from India’s Dheeraj Shah.

Card Throwing vs. Insane Nerf Gun [It Ain't Magic But...]

Posted by Michael on September 9th, 2020

Okay, fine, this is magic. But Rick Smith Jr.’s card throwing neatly falls in with magic (and he is a magician) and this thousand round Nerf gun is like the kid’s version of that thing Jesse Ventura carted around in Predator is kind of amazing.