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Ramsay Teaches You To Throw Cards

Posted by Michael on March 17th, 2017

Chris Ramsay recently posted this very nice introduction to card throwing for anyone harboring dreams of throwing cards like Gambit or that one guy* in Jackie Chan’s City Hunter movie. You can always see more of Chris over on his website.

*Leon Lai as Kao Ta

Robbie Templeton Performing For Dynamo

Posted by Michael on March 15th, 2017

Robbie Templeton just posted several videos of him performing for various horror stars at the Walker Stalker Convention in London (you can see them on his YouTube page) but outside the con he ran into Dynamo, who agreed let to be his audience for an impromptu filmed performance!

Touring An Italian Magic Shop

Posted by Michael on March 14th, 2017

I don’t know if the translated subtitles will embed… but if they don’t it is no great loss. At one point during this Italian language tour of a Torino magic shop by Dante the Magician the captions actually read “Leather lion around TNT follow the cops.” That is either A) not translated correctly or B) some hardcore secret spy code. Still, it is allows fun to poke around a brick and mortar magic shop and see a little demo magic.

It’s Pi Day 2017!

Posted by Michael on March 14th, 2017

It is Pi Day… because it is 3/14. But in addition to being a day to celebrate the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter (that is what the mathematical constant pi is… I wasn’t always a magic reporter; I first majored in physics originally) people are celebrating other versions of pi(e). Check your local news for deals on pizza pies or apple pies. But around iTricks Tower Midwest our favorite pi is the Raspberry Pi, the ultra low cost single board computer that can be used for a wide variety of rad projects. If you aspire to be what the hip kids call “a maker,” then you should familiarize yourself with the Raspberry Pi. We have picked up versions (the very functional Pi Zero) for as low as $5! And this is how Raspberry Pi celebrated their anniversary.

Behind The Scenes At Mario The Magician’s Photoshoot

Posted by Michael on March 9th, 2017

This video of Mario the Magician is a little bit different. Instead of featuring a performance, it is behind the scenes footage of a photoshoot from photographer Rebecca Handler. It gives a nice close up look at several of Mario’s unique props.

Catch more of Mario over on his official site.

Michael Vincent’s Life As A Deaf Magician

Posted by Michael on March 7th, 2017

Michael Vincent recently shared this interesting video on his YouTube page that sees him sharing his experiences as a deaf magician. Michael lost his hearing just a few years ago so this has been a major change to all aspects of his life.

Michael’s original video includes a link to By Life, a group that is striving help remove the barriers faced by those with hearing loss.

Curiously Enough: The New Web Series From David Rangel

Posted by Michael on March 6th, 2017

Friend of iTricks David Rangel let us know that he has a new web series going focusing on the touring life… with his son Jake! You can follow on YouTube to see the latest episodes and be sure to check out the Facebook fan page too.