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Yu Ho Jin Card Manip From AGT

Posted by Michael on September 1st, 2016

The Illusionists were featured guests on last night’s America’s Got Talent. In addition to this amazing card performance from Yu Ho Jin you can catch effects from Adam Trent, Jonathan Goodwin and Darcy Oake on the America’s Got Talent YouTube page.

Have A Coke And Some Magic And More [Magic Bulletin]

Posted by Michael on August 31st, 2016

No, Coke isn’t our new sponsor… That would be awesome though. We are running this new Coke ad, which debuts some new packaging, because it features one Mr. Justin Flom as the waiter and man behind the magic. You can read more about the ads on the Adweek site.

We brought you last night’s America’s Got Talent magic performances last night and we will find out if Blake and Jon went through tonight… but there will be even more magic on the results show because The Illusionists are scheduled to return.

Two stories we hate to have to share. First, in North Carolina WECT reports that former Santa and magician Leander Dewey Jones was sentenced to 30 years in prison after pleading guilty to to charges of manufacturing child pornography. Meanwhile in Manitoba, the CBC is reporting that Daniel Kamenicky, a magician recently charged with making and distributing child pornography, also worked for the province’s Department of Family and as an educational aide.

Remember last year when we reported David Copperfield’s penthouse pool leaked and damaged several other apartment units? is reporting that he is now suing the manufacturer maintaining that there was a faulty pump.

Jon Dorenbos Ties Football Into Mentalism

Posted by Michael on August 31st, 2016

Last night’s second magician on America’s Got Talent was NFL long snapper Jon Dorenbos, who tied his day job into the performance. Jon probably has a pretty big built in fan base, but that doesn’t mean that he can’t use your vote. Visit before 7:00 AM Eastern (August 31) to vote up to ten times.

Blake Vogt’s Superpowers On AGT

Posted by Michael on August 31st, 2016

Blake Vogt was the first magician up on last night’s America’s Got Talent. After introducing his fiancĂ© in his background piece, he proceeded to examine some of his favorite superpowers with his latest performance.

We are posting this early because you can vote until 7:00 AM Eastern (Wednesday, August 31) at Don’t forget you can vote up to 10 times.

A Little Inspiration From Ryan Stock And AmberLynn

Posted by Michael on August 30th, 2016

For those of you wondering if Ryan Stock had fully recovered after his America’s Got Talent mishap (and elimination), here is a little something he posted earlier in the month. He seems okay…

Be sure to follow Ryan and AmberLynn’s adventures on their official website.

Loudini, Magic Blasts Through On AGT, Topit Rip Off [Magic Bulletin]

Posted by Michael on August 25th, 2016

The video above is the new short film Loudini, by Conor and Tyler Byrne, which was commissioned by Ray Ban and features music from Car Seat Headrest.

Sorry, this is a shortened version of the Magic Bulletin today; dealing with some family health issues. Nothing too serious… just time consuming! I’ll try to get at least one more post up though.

Congratulations to Kadan Bart and Brooklyn Rockett and Blake Vogt! Both acts made it through to the next round of America’s Got Talent! They are joining Jon Dorenbos, The Clairvoyants (Thommy Ten and Amelie) and Steven Brundage, which means about one quarter of the remaining contestants are magic acts.

Blake Vogt Goes Big On AGT

Posted by Michael on August 24th, 2016

This is Blake Vogt’s performance from last night’s America’s Got Talent and, honestly, without the intro piece on Blake loses something important. Blake talked about his many, many serious allergies (over 100!) which kept him inside while the rest of the family worked on their farm. Keep that in mind while you watch.

Don’t forget that you have until 7:00 AM Eastern time to visit NBC’s website to vote up to 10 times for your favorite acts, like Blake and kid magicians Kadan Bart Rockett and Brooklyn.