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Sawing A Supermodel In Half

Posted by Michael on June 3rd, 2015

More from this week’s America’s Got Talent. This is Xakary the Magician, who sawed an unprepared Heidi Klum in half. He was one of three magicians to go on in the competition last night (out of a total of four so far this year).

Did AGT’s Premiere Have Magic? A Magic Dragon!

Posted by Michael on May 27th, 2015

I was laying on the couch, feeling miserable (but still better), coughing and such thinking that after Mat Franco’s big victory last year, this season of America’s Got Talent might not have that many magic acts. Who is crazy enough to go on the season after the first magician won?

Then the answer came onscreen in a big ol’ green dragon suit. If I knew Piff was going to be on, well, I had forgotten so it made for a great surprise. Check out his audition and its results above.

Later, Penn and Teller did appear on the new NBC show I Can Do That as Joe Jonas and Ciara tried their hand at magic… You are better off sticking with Piff!

Chloé Crawford Rocks BGT

Posted by Michael on May 11th, 2015

The magic world tends to identify Chloé Louise Crawford as Mrs. Murray SawChuck, but that may be changing after her appearance this weekend on Britain’s Got Talent. This clip will show you the highlights of her audition, but it does not show you that she got a “YES” from not one, not two but ALL four judges, including the anti-magic biased Simon Cowell. You can read a summary of the entire episode, including the judges’ commentary on Chloé’s audition, in the Daily Mirror coverage.

iTricks was able to get this exclusive comment from Chloé on her television debut as a solo act:

Performing magic on BGT was my first time performing such a big illusion and definitely my first time performing in front of 3000 audience members and millions of viewers at home. I’ve always loved magic and have enjoyed working as an assistant, but the feeling of taking center stage and ‘wow’-ing people as a magician is definitely addictive and something I want to pursue.

There is no word yet on when she will return to the Britain’s Got Talent stage.

British TV Magic And More [Magic Bulletin]

Posted by Michael on October 22nd, 2014

The lead off video today is a little something from Seattle area magician Nash Fung. The YouTube description says it is something that hit him at 2:37AM… more of Nash over at his website

Dynamo has ended his TV show, but there is a new magician in his time slot: Katherine Mills starring in Mind Games. Digital Spy recently caught up with her to find out how she is different from Dynamo (other than the obvious).

Speaking of Dynamo, rumors are being reported (such as in The Mirror) that he may be in the new season of I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here! which apparently is still a show in the UK.

One more bit from British TV magic: The Birmingham Mail spoke with Ben Hanlin about some of the reactions he has gotten from celebs in the past.

Finally, David Casserta never actually appeared on America’s Got Talent last season, but he was in the commercials. Was that enough to boost his career? Find in his interview with The Lehigh Express Times.

Franco, Free Book Download, K-Pop And More [Magic Bulletin]

Posted by Michael on September 22nd, 2014

Mat Franco visited Live with Kelly and Michael last Friday to perform a little magic under the “eagle eyes” of Michael Strahan. You can keep up with Mat, or get a T-shirt, over at his website.

It is the last day of summer but the Conjuring Arts Research Center Summer Reading Club is going until at least Sunday. This week’s offering is Jack Merlin’s And A Deck Of Cards. Originally three pamphlets from back in the 1920s, this book covers some serious sleight of hand driven card magic. Yo ucan get your free high quality PDF download until Sunday right here.

Eran Yaniv, the CEO and founder of Perfecto Mobile, penned a piece for Entrepreneur over the weekend that explains business lessons he learned from his years as a magician. You can read over his four points here.

The Daily 49er, which reports the news in and around California State University Long Beach, wrote up the recent competition held by IBM Ring 96.

According to The Branson Tri-Lake News, Aaron Radatz is heading to the area for a new show on the showboat Branson Belle. The article includes a short interview with Radatz, who can be seen on Masters Of Illusion.

If you are a follower of Asian girl pop groups, you may know of Miss A, which is made up of two Korean and two Chinese singers. Chinese member Fei appeared recently on the mainland China television Grand Magician, which sees celebs learning magic. She was paired with Lee Eun Gyeol and, according to a story picked up by some Asian versions of Yahoo News, came in 2nd.

Mat Franco’s Biggest Fan, Cardsharp Affleck, Dealing With Copperfield [Magic Bulletin]

Posted by Michael on September 18th, 2014

The big story in magic is Mat Franco taking the top prize on America’s Got Talent. His biggest fan is, by his own admission, his grandmother and she was featured on the above WJAR NBC 10 piece yesterday before the results were announced.

Between y’all iTricksters and me, Smoothini the Ghetto Houdini told me weeks ago when he was in St. Louis that Mat Franco had the best shot of all the magicians.

Also between you and me, the podcast has been sidelined thanks to a little throat and ear infection. Everything is better now, recording is starting back up and there will be a new podcast next week. Think you would be a good guest for the Magic Week in Review? Email me at brownbagmagic AT swbell DOT net.

Technology Tell caught up with Rick Lax to chat about Wizard Wars. It is shaping up to be quite the hit for SyFy; maybe we will be seeing more magic from it and the rest of the NBC family of channels.

It is not quite magic, but Ben “Bruce Wayne” Affleck has been talking about being tossed out of casinos for counting cards. Read all about it on E! Online. You know Ben, if you are really good at it you don’t get caught… just sayin’.

Very cool story on about brokering a deal for a vintage aviation manual singed by Houdini twice and purchased by David Copperfield.

Did you see The Castle on ABC’s Nightline last night? I missed it too… But stay tuned to iTricks and we will bring you the video.

More Mat Franco: The Hometown Report

Posted by Michael on September 18th, 2014

WJAR NBC 10 was waiting outside Radio City Music Hall to celebrate when hometown boy Mat Franco won the night on America’s Got Talent. They chatted with Mat, Mel B and the King of All Media, Howard Stern, about the win.