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Franco And Smoothini Attempt To Impress And Advance

Posted by Michael on September 3rd, 2014

Last night’s America’s Got Talent featured performances by both Mat Franco and Smoothini the Ghetto Houdini, who took two very different approaches in their bids to continue to the next level of the competition.

Mat Franco took the stage first (his performance is above, we will bring you Smoothini a little later) and decided to change things up a bit. All of his past appearances were basically card tricks. Although he did incorporate cards last night, the focus of the effect was the destruction, disappearance and transformation of Mel B.’s beloved cell phone. (If you have not kept up with the season it is worth noting that earlier in the year during the auditions, there was a point where the judges’ red X lights did not work because she had inadvertently unplugged them to plug in her charger.) Even though he picked on Mel B., she reacted well and his act was well received by all judges.

Smoothini, who had advanced even though some judges criticized his last performance as being too small, went back to his earlier, raw style. While still close up, it was performed at the judges’ table with objects actually borrowed from Nick Cannon and Howie Mandel. Instead of picking on Mel B., Smooth continued to play off of Howie’s fear of germs. Although he impressed most of the judges, Howard Stern was again critical (over audience booing of his opinion) saying that he feared Smoothini’s work was too small for the competition. Howard Stern was the only judge not used in any part of the performance; is it possible that he was reacting to not being included or does he perhaps feel that Smoothini needs to perform some big stage effect to be a “real magician?”

Tune in tonight to see if Mat Franco and Smoothini will advance on the results show. Maroon 5 will also make a guest appearance on the show. Voting is still open at until noon Eastern.

Houdini, Illusionists 2.0 And Magic On TV [Magic Bulletin]

Posted by Michael on September 2nd, 2014

Up top we have James More from The illusionists 2.0 speaking to Mike Hosking on Newstalk ZB (which is out of New Zealand). While the original line up preps for its North American tour (set to begin in November), the 2.0 crew is opening tonight in Auckland, New Zealand. Actually, given the time difference and all they are probably hitting the stage around the same time this article posts!

Houdini Part One premiered last night on History. If you missed it, it is on again tonight before Part Two (thanks to a massive storm and flickering electricity, I will be re-recording it). Overnight ratings are not out quite yet (the holiday will probably delay them until Wednesday), but the movie seemed to spark some nostalgia here and abroad. Time Magazine posted a slideshow of vintage Houdini photographs and The Derby Telegraph ran a story on Randolph Douglas, the Derbyshire teen who sold Houdini on the idea of upside straitjacket escapes.

Besides Houdini Part Two(which re-airs in its entirety on Saturday), there is a new episode of Wizard Wars tonight and America’s Got Talent will see performances by Mat Franco and Smoothini as they make their bid to join Mike Super and David and Leeman in the next round of competition. I do not know how y’all feel, but I am almost getting spoiled by all of the magic on television at the moment.

Speaking of Houdini, did anyone else catch Murray Sawchuck and Gay Blackstone on the special episode of Pawn Stars last night?

E! Online is reporting that Joan Rivers is making “small, but positive, steps” towards recovery. The pioneering comic and one time magician’s assistant remains on life support and in a coma.

Vogt And Flom, Dynamo At The Shard And David w/o Leeman [Magic Bulletin]

Posted by Michael on August 28th, 2014

Blake Vogt (subject of the cover story in the new issue of MAGIC) joined Justin Flom in Minnesota recently for a little magic before his upcoming appearance on Wizard Wars. Still can’t believe they made the contestants use a puppy in the last show…

Dynamo is getting lots of attention for his newest levitation (that’s a picture from his point of view to the right, from his Twitter). He appeared about 1000 in the air, floating between the spires of The Shard in London. For pictures (and a bit of gossip saying that wires may be visible in some photographs), check out coverage in The Mirror and The Daily Mail.

Have you seen Michael Grandinetti on the new season of Master of Illusion. UWire caught up with recently and ran a nice Q&A.

Even if you do not watch, you should know by now that David and Leeman have advanced to the next round of America’s Got Talent. The Los Angeles Loyolan sat down with one of half of the duo, LMU alum David Blatter, to discuss his background and how the pair have honed their craft.

Magic Goes On To The Next Round Of AGT

Posted by Michael on August 28th, 2014

America’s Got Talent introduced a new wrinkle last night with the Snapple Save. It allowed viewers to vote online between the three acts on the bubble to decide which would continue to the next round. To allow voting, they were announced almost immediately and David and Leeman found themselves competing against an act that combined animated backgrounds with an aerial and balance performance and elementary school aged singer Mara Justine. As the voting was carried out, other results were announced and Mike Super, already once eliminated but saved by Howie Mandel, was the very first act to advance to the final twelve. Since he claimed the first spot, we are running a video of him appearing on Ellen a few years ago.

Snapple Save results were posted on the bottom of the screen in real time for much of the voting and they showed David and Leeman taking an early lead, with twelve year old Mara Justine trailing closely. After voting closed, Mara Justine had bested the magic duo. The judges were then tasked with deciding which of the two remaining acts would continue on to the next round. With votes from Heidi Klum, Howie Mandel and Howard Stern, David and Leeman joined Mike Super in the top twelve.

Congratulations to both acts for continuing on in the competition and representing the magic community. Next week, Mat Franco and Smoothini will get their opportunities to impress America and join the top twelve.

Willman Heads Back To Food, Blaine Heads Back To Prison And More [Magic Bulletin]

Posted by Michael on August 27th, 2014

As promised, we are leading with last night’s AGT performance from Mike Super. Will it be enough to keep him in the competition? What about David and Leeman? Tune in tonight to find out.

Speaking of TV, Justin Willman is heading back to Food Network for another season of Halloween Wars. The spooky themed cake decorating show premieres Sunday, October 5.

Paul Daniels has revealed that he and his wife Debbie had to pass up on Celebrity Big Brother due to the illnesses in the family. He explains fully in a video on his YouTube Channel.

Bob James has re-opened a magic shop in downtown Elmhurst, Illinois. If you are in the area and would like to learn more, visit their website. You gotta love it whenever a new brick and mortar springs up.

Speaking of brick and mortar (and bars), the New York Post was first to report yesterday that David Blaine put on a special magic show for inmates at the Manhattan Detention Complex late last month. He has, of course, included prison performances in his past TV specials, but no mention was made of this being recorded for broadcast. According to the article, some guards were disappointed that the prisoners got the show and not them.

And on that note, news of Blaine’s good deed and our bad segue, we will draw today’s Magic Bulletin to a close.

Super Ditches Desmond, D&L Target Klum

Posted by Michael on August 27th, 2014

Last night’s live America’s Got Talent show featured not one but two magic acts, thanks to Howie Mandel bringing back Mike Super to join David and Leeman. Super was up first with a departure from his earlier acts, concentrating on magic and (taking Howard Stern’s advice) leaving his spiritual familiar Desmond out of the performance. The magic only act was a hit with the judges, winning over even Mel B., who seemed to be visibly upset with Super after participating in his last appearance (revisit the iTricks coverage here).

David and Leeman stated they decided to focus on Heidi Klum because she was the only judge not to stand after their last performance. What they did was a version of the smash and stab that gave each judge a chance to choose a bag. The judges were positive, although none stood this time. Howard Stern also did mention that he had seen this trick performed many times before, but did say that they do it best.

Since there were two magic acts on last night’s show, we have decided to post David and Leeman’s performance now and bring you Mike Super’s in a bit with today’s Magic Bulletin (although you can catch it on the NBC website now if you can not wait). Speaking of the NBC website, you can still vote there today until noon Eastern time.

Mike Super Back On AGT, Murray On Wizard Wars And More TV News [Magic Bulletin]

Posted by Michael on August 26th, 2014

How much magic is on American TV right now? So much that we have an all TV themed Magic Bulletin today (and bumped some TV mini-series Houdini news into another post)!

Mike Super was eliminated from America’s Got Talent when the judges picked an acrobatic dance squad over him. Thanks to each judge getting to bring back an act, though, Super returns to the competition tonight. According to Super’s hometown paper the Observer-Reporter, Super owes his chance at redemption to Howie Mandel. Super will be on tonight’s episode along with magic duo David and Leeman. Next week will include Mat Franco and Smoothini.

Vegas News is reporting that Murray and Rob Anderson (above, getting attacked by a shark) will be among the contestants on tonight’s episode of Wizard Wars on SyFy. Be sure to watch and cheer on the two former iTricks Magic Week in Review guests.

The Cleveland Plain Dealer’s website has a feature on Rick Smith Jr, magician and card thrower, and his pocking appearance on Stan Lee’s Superhumans. He will be on the September 10th episode of the H2 series; check your local listings.