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Amazing Johnathan’s Stunning ENTspeaks Revelation

Posted by Michael on October 23rd, 2014

John Katsilometes reports in the Las Vegas Sun that the Amazing Johnathan announced he has been given a year to live during his portion of the ENTspeaks presentation Tuesday night. He told the audience that his heart is failing.

Amazing Johnathan, also known as Johnathan Szeles, retired earlier this year officially citing ill health. He performed his final shows at the Castle this summer, but many were expecting him to return to the stage at least occasionally. Unfortunately, the situation appears to be much more serious than understood by his fans.

iTricks has no more information at this time. Doubtlessly, many magician will want to help Johnathan in some way and all we can suggest is visiting his official website and buying a book or DVD.

NPH, Comic Books And More [Magic Bulletin]

Posted by Michael on October 9th, 2014

Today’s lead video is a new piece from Ben Hanlin, taken from his series Tricked. In it he ceases with Corrie Street star Kym Marsh.

Neil Patrick Harris is still promoting Gone Girl, as well as his new Choose Your Own Adventure style autobiography. He sat down with for an interview that includes his thoughts on magic and even a little name dropping (like Jim Steinmeyer). It is one of the better interviews in this most recent batch and you can read it here.

Robin Leach’s Las Vegas Sun column is reporting that the Amazing Johnathan will be one of six performers to participate in EntSpeaks. The show, from Andy Walmsley, will feature the participants walking out on a bare stage and sharing frank stories from their lives.

Dynamite is launching a new line of comic books in January featuring King Features comic strip characters including, of course, Mandrake the Magician. While not quite DC or Marvel, Dynamite is a fairly well known publisher who currently produces The Shadow comic books and will introduce a John Shaft (as in “You know that cat Shaft is a bad —”) comic later this year.

As many of you probably know, former IBM president Philip Willmarth passed away last month. His Chicago Tribune obituary is now online and can be read here.

AJ Tying The Knot, Penn Swaps Wives And Derren Brown [Magic Bulletin]

Posted by Michael on June 5th, 2014

First up, iTricks would like to offer on congratulations to The Amazing Johnathan and Anastasia. According to Robin Leach’s Las Vegas Sun Strip Scribbles column, they will be getting married this Saturday.

Speaking of marriage, comedian Judy Gold was on the Alan Colmes Show Wednesday talking about her upcoming Celebrity Wife Swap episode. She is part of the first same sex couple ever featured on the show and has been partnered with Penn Jillette and his wife.

Derren Brown is on tour and every stop has an article about him. The Warrington Guardian, though, carried a particularly nice piece about him recently that covers his start in magic, including tipping his first magic book.

All Of The Good Magicians Are Taken

Posted by Michael on February 25th, 2014

The Amazing Johnathan proposed to manager Anastasia Synn Friday on stage at Mark Ridley’s Comedy Castle. According to the Las Vegas Review-Journal’s Norm Clarke, the hometown audience included many friends. iTricks wishes all the best to Anastasia and AJ!

We’ll assume that all our readers are familiar with The Amazing Johnathan. You should know Ms. Synn, too… but if you don’t, here is a little something from her YouTube Channel.

The Amazing Johnathan of World’s Greatest Magic II

Posted by Michael on November 22nd, 2013

Let’s finish out Friday with a little Amazing Johnathan. Discerning viewers can easily identify this clip as coming from The World’s Greatest Magic II because it is the voice of Alan Thicke, who hosted WGM2, doing the introduction. We’ll take a look at the sequels and legacy of The World’s Greatest Magic Monday. If you missed it, catch the first part here.

Amazing Jonathan Ends Vegas Run With Blistering Public Explanation

Posted by Editor on December 21st, 2012

amazing jonathan.jpg

The Amazing Jonathan has ended his current run in Vegas leaving his gig at Bally’s. Posting to his personal Facebook, Jonathan lays down an explosive rant about his former venue, the state of Vegas entertainment and… well… horny waitresses.

Here it is.

Yes, we have ended our run in Vegas after 13 years. That is plenty long enough. I get it.

It turned out the killer deal offered The Amazing Johnathan wasn’t so killer. (shocker!). I noticed this very soon when I began dreading going to work each night. This was mainly from seeing a lack of advertising. Even after playing there for three months there were still more signs advertising acts that weren’t even playing there any more. It was death for me. There were NO signs to even tell people where the room was.

Did they know they had The Amazing Johnathan, international headliner, playing in their hotel? I felt like an opening act that was accidentally double booked into a banquet room. It was like playing a mismanaged comedy club but without the horny waitresses & cocaine,

He goes on to lament about the good ol’ days of Vegas entertainment when someone might at least be within striking distance when attempting to waste your time and money.

Sometimes I miss the old Vegas when they would, at least, look you in the eyes when they lied to you. I recall the days where the casinos would try to help you out instead of making everything so f——g hard. I’m used to a standard, although very low, that isn’t here anymore. So, after asking nicely a dozed times, I just stopped showing up. I think they should have noticed by now.

It just felt right. It still does.

Thanks to everyone! What a blast!

For the record, we added the dashes in the f-word.

Jonathan has always been among the sharpest comedic minds in this industry for as long as he’s chosen to grace the stage. We hope this isn’t the last time he has a regular home in Sin City but no matter what we sincerely wish him the best.

Amazing Johnathan Show Opens at Bally’s on August 28th

Posted by Editor on August 15th, 2012
amazing johnathan.png

Amazing Johnathan is moving from the Harmon to the Bally’s August 28th.

It will shift an hour later to 10 p.m. and will remain five days a week.

The show has been on hiatus since July to work on AJ’s annual haunted house which this year will be open to the public. Here are the details:

The Amazing Johnathan’s Screamont Experience is Opening in October, in partnership with the Las Vegas Club on Fremont Street and will be scaring nightly from 7pm. The two story haunt is half built, scripted, and coming along great!

We’ve also heard that his legendary Halloween Party will also be public this year. Which is pretty amazing.

Furthermore, Psychic Tanya’s AJ’s assistant for the last 11 years just celebrated a birthday. So congratulations to her!