Silvia Moreno-García teaches about HP Lovecraft in the above video from TED-Ed… why is iTricks on about HP Lovecraft when Halloween is still three months away? Fine Books and Collections recently posted a look at the extremely rare (as in previously rumored to exist without firm proof) manuscript The Cancer of Superstition which was commissioned and, at least in name, co-authored by Harry Houdini. The 31 page type written manuscript was auctioned off at Potter and Potter back in April of 2016 and the Fine Books and Collections piece was originally written in March of that year, but just popped up in a news search over the weekend. Given today’s detour towards magic libraries, it seemed like a fun article to share.

As you may know, Lovecraft wrote Houdini’s article Under The Pyramids which presents a rather sensationalized version of Houdini’s night sleeping in an Egyptian tomb.