I am still sick, not sure if there will be many posts the next few days,* but this story was too important not to post and there is a deadline!

Magic, Inc. is an American magic fixture– you can read about the store’s nearly century long history in this Chicago Sun Times article– and it is in trouble. You can also read about how the Covid-19 lockdown has crippled the business in the article.

Bottom line: Magic, Inc. needs everyone’s help. They have established a GoFundMe page to try to put together what they need to re-new their lease and survive into 2021 and the post-pandemic era. I know everyone is feeling the effects of the Covid economy right now and holiday expenses are pressing down on us as well… but if you can help out Magic Inc. please do. They are one of the brick and mortar dealers who have made magic what it is today.

Magic Inc., by the way, is not an advertiser. They did not ask us to share this and as far as I remember I have never actually met anyone associated with them… but I do have a fair amount of Magic Inc. publications in my magic library!

* After two and a half weeks I still have a low grade fever and your general flu-like symptoms. I am not really getting better but I am not getting worse either. If it was not for the dizziness and headaches which seem aggravated by screen time I would be updating iTricks. As soon as they ease up I will be back, I promise. If you have a story for iTricks, please send it my way (mjlauckwriting AT swbell DOT net)! The less time I spend looking at the computer researching posts means the more time I can put in posting!