Trigg Watson’s virtual shows were featured on Fox 5 San Diego the other day. A question for everyone: do you think virtual shows will continue to be an avenue for performers after the pandemic calms down?

Okay, some good news out of Vegas: Piff has been back on stage for a little while, David Copperfield returned over the weekend and Murray SawChuck’s show will re-open on the 27th of this month but he has already returned to performing as a guest comic in the Fantasy revue show. You can catch up on all the live entertainment returning to Sin City in this Las Vegas Sun article.

Houdini got a little more coverage this week. The Aish Ha Torah website ran a feature on Houdini’s Jewish heritage while fight sports news site Bloody Elbow dug out a picture featuring a posed scene with pro boxer Benny Leonard holding Houdini from behind while Jack Dempsey prepares to take swing.