The 2020 Academy of Magical Arts Awards are tonight… and the video above is for the 2016 awards but it gives you an idea of the excitement and pageantry surrounding a normal AMA Awards show. Who will be crowned the best in magic? This year you can see for yourself live as it happens!

Due to the pandemic restrictions the award ceremony will be held virtually. While normally closed to non-members, everyone is invited to stream the event tonight at 10 PM Eastern, 7 PM Pacific at

The nominees are:
Close Up Magician of the Year
Armando Lucero
Asi Wind
David Regal
Jared Kopf

Parlour Magician of the Year
Arthur Trace
Chris Capehart
Derek Hughes
Mike Pisciotta

Stage Magician of the Year
Chipper Lowell
David Kovac
Gregory Wilson
Lindsay Benner
Lucy Darling (Carisa Hendrix)

Lecturer of the Year
Dani DaOrtiz
Jonathan Levit
Karl Hein
Shoot Ogawa
Woody Aragon