Recently several offensive tweets were made on a Twitter account attached to Ellusionist’s Brad Christian. Mr. Christian sent an email to Ellusionist newsletter subscribers one week ago (Tuesday, June 9) stating “My account was hacked last night, and a truly disgusting tweet went out about Obama and the George Floyd incident. This does not reflect my views in any way.” You can read the full text of the email message after the jump.

Hi All –

This is a quick note to quell something going around on Twitter.

My account was hacked last night, and a truly disgusting tweet went out about Obama and the George Floyd incident. This does not reflect my views in any way.

I haven’t used Twitter in seven years, haven’t used Instagram in a couple of years and my Facebook is deleted as of a couple of years ago. I’m just too busy for it and prefer Netflix for relaxing.

To be clear, racism isn’t condoned by me in any shape or form.

The bit that hurts is the motivation behind someone doing this and how far it is away from my current views. I’ve changed my password on Twitter, deleted the offending tweet but left the unused profile there so you can see I haven’t posted in seven years. In the past, I’ve given my personal login details to some previous staff members to post for me if they ever needed to, but I can’t be sure that had anything to do with it. That’s beside the point…

The protests happening across our nation and the world need to be happening to bring to light and eradicate systemic racism. Growing up in Kenya made me only too aware of the injustices facing black people globally. It needs to end and I hope we see a positive change with the momentum this movement is now gathering.

Donations have been placed in key areas, before this week, privately. As mentioned months ago when COVID first reared its ugly head, it’s part of my moral code that I and my company donate anonymously (with the exception of Bee decks) because financial support, charity work and community outreach aren’t about collecting public praise and we don’t want to use any donations as a marketing opportunity to ‘show how good we are’.

My company and I absolutely stand for equal rights and we were appalled by the senseless killing of George Floyd. That was a horrifying thing to watch and left us all emotionally scarred. And what’s more horrifying is that events like this happen so often in this country. Killings that don’t get filmed or reported. Black lives matter and should matter to all of us.

We’ve taken this last week or so to listen, learn and educate ourselves to the struggles faced by the black community. We know this is just the beginning, and we will continue to fight both privately and publicly for real change. We’ve donated privately and participated in #BlackoutTuesday to ensure that people knew we supported them, but to also allow black voices to shine through the usual noise on social media.

I can see that, in my lifetime, this fight against racism is reaching all new heights and I’m hopeful for real, sustained equality for all.

For any further resources and reading, I found this helpful:

Stay safe and strong,

- Brad Christian