KTNV coverage of Criss Angel’s recent food donation to the families at a local childhood cancer center.

The Las Vegas Sun reports flags in Nevada will fly at half staff today to honor the late Roy Horn. People posted a feature on the friendship and career of Siegfried and Roy over the weekend. You can read it here via Yahoo. Personally, and I admit I am biased, I think their story is just perfect for a feature film or even a mini-series.

Both the LA Times and Broadway World have reviews of Helder GuimarĂ£es’ virtual magic show The Present.

Things are kind of getting back to normal (I am starting to book flights again for my day job… but I still can’t use the soda fountain at my local gas station of choice). Many folks are starting to go back to work, but by and large the kids are not going back to school until next year. So lots of you are still trying to keep the kids entertained… You might check out this performance of the Disneyland Paris show Mickey and the Magician… it is the latest video in the Disneyland Paris Watch Parties series.

Something else for the kids: Dan Sperry is reading a new children’s book on his YouTube page.

Do not forget Penn & Teller are returning to the airwaves tonight with the new special Penn & Teller: Try This At Home on The CW. The special promises performances and magic lessons from the boys and some of their magical friends, all shot at their homes. Penn Jillette spoke to WGN radio about the special (because a radio interview with Teller would be kind of a let down…); you can hear the 12+minute conversation on the WGN site. Masters of Illusion returned with its new season Friday; if you missed it or just want to see it again, you can stream the new episodes at The CW website.