Pittsburgh’s CBS affiliate KDKA had Chris Capehart on to talk about Liberty Magic@Home. You can see Chris’ episode, the premiere episode with Anna DeGuzman and Eric Jones and future episodes on the PGH Cultural Trust YouTube page.

Las Vegas Magazine turned to Mat Franco to ask their latest One Question…

Parade Magazine is moving in on Vanish and Genii territory with their latest issue and an article on ten easy card tricks.

Finally: the Sydney Opera House has posted a performance of The Great Illusionist, an “enchanting tale of a young boy who longs to be an illusionist” recorded in 2018. You can watch it on their YouTube page along with shorts, other plays and musical performances ranging from Beethoven’s Ninth to Iggy Pop to The Cure.

PS- Keep having power outages at iTricks Tower Midwest (despite the underground power lines!!!) so don’t be surprised if we are in and out the next little bit.