KVVU’s coverage of Mat Franco’s upcoming free live streamed magic show leads off our week. Might as well head over to Mat’s Facebook page now.

Unfortunately, we also have some sad news to report.

Retired school superintendent Dennis Wilson, who was a performing professional magician originally scheduled to perform at a Kansas City pop culture convention this weekend, was the first coronavirus related death in Johnson County, Kansas. You can rad more on the Kansas City Star website.

In California, the Magic Castle has laid off almost 200 employees during their coronavirus forced closure according to Variety.

MAGICIANS: if you are posting magic videos, please let us know. I would very much like to ratchet up the amount of videos we are posting every day during all of this and even if they are too long for our normal posts we will pass along links! Performances, advice, lessons, collector’s pieces… if it is magic video we want it! Email me at brownbagmagic AT swell DOT net.

Hey, look, I am uncomfortable with this last bit of news but if it was anyone else connected to the magic community I would pass it along. I try not to talk about it much on iTricks but I have published a couple of science fiction and fantasy books. The second book in my Black Sky Rangers sci fi series comes out on the 25th so until then its prequel, The Heist, is available as a free Kindle download. Be warned: the Black Sky Rangers are about first responders in space and my fantasy books are basically kung fu movies in print; they have nothing to do with magic. But if you are running out of things to do check it out.