The latest video from America’s Got Talent is an entry from their AGT University series featuring Shin Lim teaching a little magic.

Ellusionist is now offering free tutorials on their MagicStream service and, at least for the first one, on their YouTube page. You got time, learn some new skills!

Rick Saphire’s Magic Shop has been posting free magic lessons for about a week… you can check them all out on the store’s YouTube page. So far there are eight lessons and, if you need magic supplies in the Cherry Hill, New Jersey area check out Rick’s place.

Magician Chris Herrick has shared a 30 minute magic lesson specifically for kids on his YouTube.

If you are in the mood to watch magic, Carisa Hendrix has posted Indulgence, an hour long, partially improvised show featuring her good friend Lucy Darling. You can stream it free on Carisa’s YouTube page and, of course, be sure to check out Carisa’s website to keep up with everything going on with her and Lucy Darling.

Sad news on the Covid-19 front. We recently reported the first Covid-19 related death in Johnson County, Kansas was retired school superintendent and magic Dennis Wilson. The Kansas City Star is new reporting two magicians from Ring 129, the Kansas City IBM local have tested positive as well. We hope they are on the path to recovery.

Stay in, stay safe, stay smart and wash your hands! We will get through all of this.