It is officially the holiday season and nothing says holidays like Salvation Army bellringers popping up on every corner. Portland Press Herald coverage of bell ringer Dana Perkins and his partner Daisy May kicks off our week.

Speaking of ventriloquism, has a story on a new type of ventriloquist’s dummy invented by magician Stanlin Gopinathan, who performs under the name Mandrake.

The New York Times had an interview with RJ the Magician, director of the Houdini Museum in Manhattan.

Speaking of Houdini, KCUR recently spoke with Joe Posnanski, author of The Life And Afterlife Of Harry Houdini.

Speaking of… actually, we have kind of beat that segue into the ground and don’t really have another one anyway. But Broadway World has a piece on The Illusionists holiday show. the San Francisco Chronicle’s Datebook talked to Andrew Evans about his Mission show.

Finally, NTD (New Tang Dynasty) has a video piece on French magic school run by Alexandra and Dominique Duvivier. We can’t embed it here but you can see it (in English) on their website.