This time of year we often get asked about magic gifts… Basically, this comes down to two questions. The first is more or less “what should I get a beginner seriously interested in learning magic?” My go to answer for that, depending on age, is Mark Wilson’s Complete Course In Magic. It is a solid introduction to magic of all kinds for a really decent price. The second question is a variation on “what do I get a magician… I don’t know what they already have!” The answer to that is a bit trickier (no pun intended) but it is always a good idea to go for magic collectables. I have never known anyone with a serious, long term interest in magic who has not developed an interest in magic history. The nice thing about going for magic collectables is that you can find items for pretty much any budget. As an example, this current eBay listing auctioning off a vintage Abbott’s Magic token with the bidding starting at just $2.

We have talked in the past about magic tokens as a great, budget friendly way to get into collecting magic history. To learn more about magic tokens we heartily suggest checking out our friends at the site