Russia Beyond talked to Sergey Vorontsov, Russia’s rock star illusionist, about his career. Sergey’s career received a huge boost back in 2011 when he was the first illusionist to appear in the Eurovision song contest with that year’s Croatian entry (which you can see above).

Congratulations to Piff the Magic Dragon who received three gold medals at the Las Vegas Review-Journal’s Best of Las Vegas Awards. You can see pictures on the Vegas News site and read more on the Review-Journal site. This officially makes Piff the most awarded magic dragon in magic dragon history.

Joshua Jay is a great magician and part of the force behind Vanishing Inc but did you know he is also something of a financial adviser? At least, Forbes is consulting him on how to prepare for the next recession.

Halloween, as all good iTricksters know, is the anniversary of Harry Houdini’s death so October always brings new Houdini stories. The latest is this radio interview with Ellie Gettinger, the curator of the new Houdini exhibit at the Jewish Museum Milwaukee. You can listen to the piece on Milwaukee public radio station WUWM’s website.

Finally, if you are in the Falmouth, MA area Bob Riordian is offering a magic class for kids on Tuesday, October 22, which is an early release day for the local school district. You can find out more over on the Cape News site.