The rumors are true: Steve Spill has sold Magicopolis to former Magic Castle president Randy Sinnott. Why? Well, we are going to let Steve tell you in his own words, a direct copy of most of the email he sent iTricks.

A while back, someone asked if I had ever considered selling Magicopolis. That’s ridiculous, I thought. But I said, “I’ve had a lot of offers. I just haven’t met the right person.” That deal led nowhere, but it made me realize that I was not opposed to the idea, and I wasn’t shy about sharing that thought with others. When I shared with my business partner and wife, Bozena – that feeling about it being time to pass the baton and let someone else take over Magicopolis, she said, “That’s good… Come to bed.” I climbed into bed and felt loved like never before. I realized how blessed I was. And that cracking a deal allowing another entity’s acquisition of Magicopolis would actually be liberating. And when that mission was accomplished, it felt like a huge burden lifted off my shoulders. I felt free and I fell asleep that night with the woman who was my strength and courage.

People have asked why I sold Magicopolis, did it get boring doing the show year after year? I can honestly say, no, it never did. Perhaps, at the time I became motivated to sell Magicopolis I was enduring a lapse of sight of that… mainly because I never took my foot off the gas pedal. Including regularly scheduled shows and special events I averaged at least two hundred performances a year for twenty-one years straight – and would get really tired, my body would regularly get worn down. I ain’t a young pup anymore. The time came to relax and recharge my depleted batteries. Yes, I can work less now and there is nothing better than being your own boss. Well, there is, actually… not having to work at all. That is way better.

And by “not working,” I mean having no employees or a massive monthly nut and all the other theater-owner-producer responsibilities and minute bullshit that have nothing to do with feeling artistic or creative or inventive. Now I perform at my own leisurely discretion, a few shows a month, and there’s plenty of time for writing and drawing and painting – which I enjoy as much as magic – and indulging in Bozena’s passion for travel, which is high on her list of highs. As of right now today, the owner of Magicopolis is Randolph P. Sinnott, former Magic Castle president, founding partner of a nationally recognized law firm, and former United States Marine Corps Colonel – a man who is qualified for the theater-owner-producer task beyond belief. And yes, he is also artistic and creative and inventive.

Congratulations to Steve and Bozena as well as Randy. We wish Randy nothing but continued success and we can not wait to see what comes next from an unleashed Steve and Bozena!