Magician Li Lau has posted a video (above) thanking everyone for their support and letting the world know he is well after being shot in the head with a crossbow during a magic trick gone wrong in front of a live audience at the at the National Arts Festival in Makhanda, South Africa on Sunday.

Website It’s Nice That takes a look at new magic publication The Neat Review, which you can learn even more about on their website.

Speaking of the literary world and magic, Literary Hub has a piece by Gabriel Urza exploring what fiction writers can learn from magicians, focusing on Joshua Jay.

Mr. Jay is hardly the only magician with a bent for fiction… Fulton Oursler (author of The Greatest Story Ever Told), Clayton Rawson and Andrew Mayne all jump to mind!

Toy News has a piece on the success of Jamie Raven’s magic sets and how they have led to his decision to open a magic theater and school.

My Web Times takes a look at the Ottawa Organ at the Magic Castle.

Finally, the Grace Baptist Church posted an entire hour long show Todd Smith performed for their congregation over the weekend on their YouTube channel.