Chris Korn joined Masters of Illusion host Dean Cain to promote the CW show on KTLA earlier this month. While you can catch the current season of Masters Of Illusion Friday nights on The CW (do the local listings thing) or streaming free on The CW website it is far from Chris Korn’s first foray into television.

Back in October 2004 (a few months before premiering Criss Angel’s Mindfreak) A&E jumped into magic with Mondo Magic, starring Korn and JB Benn. The pair traveled throughout the United States over six episodes exploring different cities and meeting magicians such as Harry Anderson and Shimshi along the way. We would love to do a full “Broken Remote” feature on Mondo Magic, complete with clips and news on where you can see the show today, but Mondo Magic has pulled an amazing disappearing act. There are no decent clips on YouTube and we could not find the series streaming, free or pay, anywhere! To be honest, I started to question my memory of the show until finally finding references to it in the pages of 2004 magazines such as Magic, Genii and Linking Ring.