We are starting off the day with highlights from Bob Bohm’s family magic show. Towards the middle he does the classic stage bit the Doll House Illusion and introduces his daughter Alyssa who is currently Miss Wisconsin and featured in this Journal Times article.

There was another great new Penn & Teller: Fool Us last night featuring nothing but contestants who already had an FU Trophy to their credit. If you missed it you can always stream the current season for free on The CW’s website. The CW is also running it’s own variety show on Fridays called The Big Stage… we are not sure if any magic has been featured on this program, though.

Finally, some sad news. AMC network host, actor and magician Bob Dorian has passed away at the age of 85; there are few details at this time. You can read more about Dorian’s life and career in this Washington Post piece.