Sad news out of Arizona: former stage magician and animal sanctuary founder Jonathan Kraft was attacked and mauled by a tiger last week while trying to move the animal between cages during a thunderstorm. You can see the ABC 15 coverage out of Arizona above; Fox 5 Las Vegas is reporting Kraft, via the Keepers of the Wild Sanctuary social media, states the attack was his fault and the Benegal tiger will not be put down. The station also reports Kraft sustained “multiple wounds and two broken bones.”

The state of Nevada has passed a ban on the involuntary microchipping of people, but some, including friend of iTricks Anastasia Synn, feel the ban is too broad. Read more in the Las Vegas Review-Journal. You can see her testimony on the subject over on YouTube.

Finally, Potter and Potter held its auction of the Roy Goulet magic collection over the weekend and you can hear WBUR radio pre-auction coverage here.