The allegations made by Siegfried and Roy’s animal handler in the Hollywood Reporter last week are gaining wide attention, including this segment from over the weekend on Today. You can also see coverage on ABC here and Inside Edition here.

Las Vegas Magazine posted a piece over the weekend on Penn and Teller and their reactions to the loss of Johnny Thompson.

Speaking of the duo, the Penn & Teller: April Fool Us Day special airs tonight on The CW, so check your local listings. The Oneida Daily Dispatch is reporting AGT alum Leon Etienne will be part of the show, which will also include pranking TV host Chris Hardwick.

Speaking of April Fools’ Day, it is today so be on your guard! profiled sportswriter Rick Reilly in anticipation of his new book on President Trump. Among their five facts about the author is he considers himself an amateur magician.

The San Diego Opera is putting on a production of The Aging Magician, a piece about a clockmaker writing a biography of a famous magician. Get the details on the San Diego Reader website.

If traveling is in your future, City Guide NY has a list of the top ten magic shows to catch in New York City and Cruise Miss reports the magic and illusion show Astonishing is expanding from three to six ship on the P&O Cruises line.

Finally, we found some amazing lost footage of Harry Houdini on a European university library site. We can not embed the clip here, but you can see it on the University of Portsmouth Local History Archive site.